Bedouin Jewelry

Solid silver handmade Bedouin jewelry, often made for a bride upon her wedding to show her wealth and status.
(Click on photo to enlarge image)


About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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One Response to Bedouin Jewelry

  1. Laura Fairhurst says:

    So happy to see your photo of gorgeous Saudi jewelry. I lived there from 1980-1984, helped open Al-Hada hospital in Taif. I loved going to the junk souks to pick up pieces of this lovely jewelry that were being dumped for gold jewelry. Wish now I had bought more that I did but I treasure the number of pieces that I did buy and never fail to get lots of comments when wearing them. How long did you stay in Saudi? I really enjoyed my time there, the Red Sea, the great people and friends that I made and the food. Many great memories of that time. My son was born there, too. Thanks for the memories evoked by your picture, Laura.

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