Personage II/Red Sea Bronze

Created by Spanish artist Joan Miro, this bronze sculpture which is at home along the Corniche with the Red Sea as its backdrop is a surreal piece of art. Miro was known for having a playful approach which came out in his work. Sculptures of many varieties line the Corniche as well as many of the intersections in the city.
UPDATE – This sculpture is now located in the Middle Corniche Sculpture Park, along with many other priceless works by world renowned artists.

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2 Responses to Personage II/Red Sea Bronze

  1. Hi Patricia – When I originally posted this, I didn’t have much information at all about the sculptures of Jeddah. Now I have a beautiful book with many, but not all, of Jeddah’s fabulous open air art museum. This sculpture is by Joan Miro and is called “Personage II.” Miro was noted for his “playful approach” to his art. Whenever I have seen this particular sculpture, there have always been people sitting at its base – it seems to attract people to it.

  2. patricia says:

    what is the sculptures name?

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