Jeddah Airport Hajj Terminal

The special terminal for the Hajj pilgrims at the airport in Jeddah is quite unique. It appears to be dozens upon dozens of white tents, however in actuality it is a structure made of teflon coated fiberglass which is perfectly suited to resist heat, humidity and changes in the weather. This terminal was specially built to accommodate the millions of Muslim pilgrims who flock to Mecca each year during the roughly 10 day Hajj period. Masses of people arrive by air within days of each other. They are bussed around to visit the same Islamic sites in the same order. Then they depart the country at roughly the same time as well. Suitably handling this amount of people traveling all at once can be a logistical nightmare.
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6 Responses to Jeddah Airport Hajj Terminal

  1. jamel says:

    Oh see there!
    I have been there 3 month ago on Sha’ban month.Lovely times

  2. abdul hafeez says:

    i was see november 2006
    v nice

  3. Kristi says:

    Wow, it’s nice to see a recent picture of the terminal. My father helped to build the roofing structure back in the late ’70’s to early 80’s. I’m sure that Jeddah has changed a great deal since then! Lots of neat memories. 🙂

    • amira dickinson says:


      I know you posted this in 2009, but I was looking at pictures, and see this page. I think our fathers worked for the same company! Owens Corning? I was born/raised there to see your words, this makes me feel like we are “family” of sorts!


  4. I was here in 1992.Thanks for sharing and on 08/12/2008 in Malaysia we celebrate Aidul-Adaha (Raya Haji or Korban in Malaysia)

  5. Sara says:

    Oh see there!
    I have been there 3 month ago on Sha’ban month.Lovely times 🙂

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