Larger-than-Life Bicycle Sculpture

The Bicycle is a larger-than-life sculpture of a bicycle and is perhaps the most famous landmark in Jeddah.  It sits in the center of a busy intersection in a popular shopping district.   At night, it is lit by flood lights, the color of which is changed frequently.   The Bicycle was made from scrap metals, stands 15 meters high, and was the work of Spanish artist Julio Lafuente.  Notice the “golden arches” nearby.  My husband thinks that The Bicycle is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest bicycle in the world.

About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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15 Responses to Larger-than-Life Bicycle Sculpture

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  2. Don Mccubbins says:

    I worked in Jeddah in 1984 I always when saw this huge bike would wonder how a giant kermit the frog would look astride the bike. Imagination the spice of life.

  3. vicctor says:

    i lived just by the side of this round about and enjoy watching peoples car around the circling sculpture of the big bike,verry happy i am upon knowing many doent seem to see this lovely bike”s sculpture,,behind is MAHMOD SAID STORE WHERE MY RENTED HOUSE LOCATED,,,,,

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  5. Ali says:

    Just landed in jeddah few weeks ago,,,, the bicycle sculpture,continetal school etc etc ..every thing is still here and iam sure will remein here even after ages,,

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  7. Hi Susie,
    Great pics of the Bicycle, I didn’t think it would still be standing. I worked in Jeddah in 1982 and it was fairly new then. The next round-about north was the Planets or something. I lived off to the right side of Sitteen Street in the Kindi Compound and worked at KAIA airpport.
    I’ve been reading your blog and it’s funny how things haven’t changed a bit. My wife went through the same process you are. Some of the articles in the Arab news were hilarious also.
    Our kids went to the Continental School in Jeddah. Is it still around? The wife and kids were in the Kingdom for 4 years, I stayed an extra year on single status.
    Best of luck on your venture.

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  11. Lynda says:

    Hi Susie,

    We’ve just arrived in Jeddah recently from South Africa, and my husband is a very keen cyclist. He’s been around Jeddah on his bike a bit, but hasn’t seen the bicycle sculpture. PLease can you tell me what roads intersect at the sculpture.

    Great posts, I really enjoy reading them

    • edwin says:

      where is your present location at this time in jeddah?

      im an avid cyclist and i usually do amateur race back in the philippines, but i stop riding since i came here in 2008, not because i don’t want to but because im living in the city and theres no one here to hang with interested in riding bicycles…

      and sometimes could be dangerous just riding alone.

      anyway if you got plenty of time in your hands just send an e-mail me..

  12. Saad Salem says:

    if you dont mine I copied your words of About Me and added it in my comment on Harrys photo at ,my best regards,

  13. Harry Goldhoorn says:

    If you dont mind I used your description of the bike on my photo portfolio on


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