Engineers’ Tools Sculpture

Jeddah is home to the world’s largest outdoor open air art museum. The city abounds with a variety of sculptures, large and small, located throughout the city. This is an enormous sculpture of various drawing tools including a ruler, a compass, and a protractor, and it is one of many around the city that fall in the category of science and engineering. This piece is called “Engineers’ Tools” and it is constructed of steel. It was designed by Hisham Benjabi and Ali Amin. Like many of the sculptures around Jeddah, this one is located in the center of a traffic circle at a busy intersection.
(Click on photo to enlarge image)

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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2 Responses to Engineers’ Tools Sculpture

  1. Yes, that plane is gone, but there are still at least two other roundabouts that have airplanes. The Tayarra Square has been under construction since I’ve been here – who knows? They might put the airplane back up when they’re done!

  2. DD55 says:

    I spent 3-4 years in Jeddah in my teenage years and I remember these sculptures, some of them at that time made no sense but I guess its interesting art. I heard they did away with the life-size airplane on that roundabout in al-Safa.

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