Taxi Driver



Taxis do a thriving business in Saudi Arabia – mainly because half of the population of this country (women) are not allowed to drive by law. I like seeing the cab drivers who are wearing the native dress, like this guy.

UPDATE – Since June 2018, Saudi women have been able to drive their own cars in this country.  The transition for this society went relatively smoothly, with tremendous support from the government.  Prior to that, car services like Uber and Careem had made a huge difference here for women, who were able to hail rides using phone apps.  This alone gave women greater mobility and for many women, it eased their transportation problems.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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3 Responses to Taxi Driver

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  2. Well, the answer to that would Yes and No. Many women here take taxis if their husbands cannot drive them, however women are not supposed to be alone with any man other than her husband, so she could potentially be in trouble for taking a cab alone. Many women here have their own drivers as well, but this too puts them in a situation where they are alone in a vehicle with a man other than their husband. This is one of those areas that is very confusing to understand, especially when I read about a man – earning extra money for his family by providing driving services for women – who was beaten to death by the Muttawa (religious police) for being alone with a woman in a car who was not his wife. I don’t go anywhere without my husband or one of sisters-in-law.

  3. Sally says:

    Are women allowed to travel alone with male taxi drivers?

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