Jeddah Science Innovation Club

The ultra modern building houses the Jeddah Science Innovation Club. Because of the way the society is set up here, I wouldn’t be surprised if the membership is only open to men. The sphere above the building is lit up at night. A Jeddah sports stadium is right next door to this building.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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2 Responses to Jeddah Science Innovation Club

  1. uzair jamal says:

    The Dean,
    jeddah scenice innovation club

    Subject: Offering the Executional Program of Engineering Projects.

    Respected Sir. Assalam O alaikum,
    With due respect, We are B-tech engineers. We have done several projects of engineering and appears in several intertional level exhibitions in Pakistan. We are willing to train our muslim students of KSA in the field of research and inventions. You can visit our websites:

    We ensure you that we enable our KSA stduents to make different projetcs and invent unique products. We hope that you will positively respond to our offer to setup a extra curriculum positive activity class of making engineering projects.

    Shan & Uzair.

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