Mobile Phone Ad

Every Saudi is born a Muslim.  Islam is the only religion permitted in the Kingdom.  Therefore, religion permeates this society on every level of daily life, like conversation, business … and advertising.  This banner style ad for a mobile phone company hangs from a lightpole in a center median separating four lanes of traffic on each side.  It delivers its message in both English and Arabic:  “may Allah accept your prayers.”   I’m not exactly sure how it relates to mobile phone service, but I thought it was interesting.


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7 Responses to Mobile Phone Ad

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  2. Thanks for your insight, UmmIbrahim –
    Maybe Muslims spend so much more on food during the month of Ramadan because they give and share so much more to other family members, neighbors, and the needy during this time.
    So, to clarify, are you saying that Muslims believe that everyone in the world is born Muslim? I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.

  3. umibrahim says:

    When I went to the hajj this company gave out free umbrellas and prayer mats. I agree w/Aafke. They want you to feel like there services are needed in this holy month of fasting. Believe it or not I read that the arab world spends 36% more on food in this month than any other. Seems strange considering that we’re not eating all day. I live in Tunisia most companies run special advertizing at this time.
    I wanted to make a comment about “every Saudi is born a Muslim” and “religion permeates this society on every level of daily life” muslims believe that everyone is born muslim. Meaning all babies and small children have an innate belief in one god. Islam can not exist in a secular position. That is why it permiates everything. It is not a religion you can do just on fridays or in the month of ramadan. That is why we pray five times a day. To keep us always on this track of our religion. In arabic “deen” is roughly translated as religion, but it really meens “a way of life”.

  4. Yes, I believe they came up with this campaign for Ramadan. They just switched out the banners recently, and Ramadan starts soon.

  5. Ab says:

    Is it for Ramadan?

  6. Aafke says:

    Perhaps they want encourage you to use your phone for prayers.

    I really think they want to impress onto the people that although a business and after your money, they have your best interests in mind, and express this with the wish that all your prayers may be answered.

  7. alajnabiya says:

    A lot of advertising doesn’t really say anything about the actual product, it’s all about brand recognition and creating a positive image of the product and company. I think this is a lovely ad, and it has certainly served its function since here we are discussing it.

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