Sun Going Down

It’s not often that I happen to be out and about at sundown.  Because of prayer times, we are usually home then.  But I caught this image of the sun going down over some buildings – I’m sure it would have made a much better photo if I had been at the Red Sea or at least near some palm trees, but here in Jeddah, I have to take what I can get!


About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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10 Responses to Sun Going Down

  1. Hi PJ!
    Thanks for commenting. Actually the lives of all Muslims center around prayer times. Muslims’ strict devotion to prayer is utmost in their lives – one of the five pillars of Islam. Even when we lived in the states, I ended up attending many of my son’s school and athletic functions by myself because the event would happen to fall during a prayer time. It’s hard for me not to feel that MY god would WANT me to be there to show support for my son and would accept my prayers late in a case like that. It can be frustrating, but I guess I have just come to accept it.

  2. PJ says:

    This is a wonderful image. Interesting hearing how your life is so centered around your husband’s prayer life. Look anywhere else for that kind of devotion and you would have to go to a monastery.

  3. Hi Mother2three! I don’t know – Canada sounds pretty good right now, with this brutal heat we are having here!!! Glad you found my blog.

  4. Mother2three says:

    Im glad to see a sister from Jeddah blogging! I’m a resident in Jeddah eventhough now Im in Canada waiting to obtain my residence Vsa. I love this country so much! I really cant imagine living any other place for my deen than Saudiah. I ask Allaah to bring me back asap. Excellent photos Susie

  5. Hi BettyX!
    It’s not that we HAVE to be at home at prayer times. But all Muslims are required to pray at five particular times a day, so my husband CHOOSES to be home at prayer times and is very particular about performing the prayers at the precise time. So consequently, we are usually home then. He actually gets very stressed out with the traffic and such when we are out and it doesn’t look like we will be home before the call to prayer is sounded. Nothing is more important to a Muslim than to do the prayers on time.

    Hi AbuDhabi/UAE Photo! Thanks so much. I like it too.

    Hi Babooshka! Yes, it is fascinating living here. I go around all the time with my mouth open and my eyes scanning everything I can.

  6. babooshka says:

    That lilac sky is beautiful. It must be facinating to live in a country so far removed from your own.

  7. bettyx1138 says:

    nice sun.

    why do u have to be home at prayer times?

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