The Time in Jeddah is…

This enormous clock keeps the time at a large intersection in Jeddah.  It was a gift to the city by a prominent businessman.  The face is a mosaic depicting scenes from the Red Sea.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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3 Responses to The Time in Jeddah is…

  1. Hi Ab – I think my camera’s time might be wrong – thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    Hi Sharon – Yes, it is very pretty, but the way they have it positioned makes it very difficult to appreciate its beauty. I think they should have it more upright, but they didn’t ask me!

  2. I clicked on it to get a better view. It is very beautiful.

  3. Ab says:

    Your camera’s EXIF data says 9:51…Wrong time on the camera, perhaps?

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