I Do!

This wedding cake topper features the bride and groom figurines, Arabian style.  I spied it recently when I was visiting a local sweets shop in Jeddah.  The groom is wearing the formal white traditional headgear – the white scarf called ghuttra topped off with the round black band called Igal.  He also wears the long white dress called Thobe worn by all men here in Saudi Arabia.  The bride, however, looks like any other typical bride from America, wearing the white wedding dress and veil.  At some Saudi weddings I have attended, the brides have worn gowns of different colors other than white.  The price tag indicates that this figurine piece costs SAR 100, which is about $25 US.


About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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7 Responses to I Do!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m wondering if there is any way to order this online? Im an American, and in about two months Im marrying a man from the Middle East (born in Saudi)- we met in college in the U.S.
    So far, this topper is the closest to combining cultures that I have seen.

  2. Shareefa says:

    I’m in Jeddah…. Which sweet shop? My son is getting married and I have been looking for a traditional cake topper. thanks

  3. Shareefa says:

    I’m in Jeddah…. Which sweet shop. My son is getting married and I have been looking for a traditional cake topper. thanks

  4. Hi Ab! Weddings here are quite a show – some are really over the top. I’m sure many of them cost more than $25/person.

    Hi Elaine! I’ve seen more brides here dressed in soft pastels rather than just white. It’s such a waste of money – all the weddings I’ve been to, the bride finally makes her appearance at about 3am, she walks down and takes her place on the stage, and then everyone runs into the banquet hall for food since they are all starving by that time. Then everyone leaves! So you see the bride in her dress for maybe 15 minutes. It’s a little bit crazy.

    • Keri Doris says:

      Hi Susie!
      I love your blog, I am doing some research for a show and in one of the scenes we need to show a Saudi Arabian bride. Since cameras are not allowed inside the bridal celebration it has been extremely difficult to find some good reference pictures. Are there any tips you can give me details on the color, style, jewelry (if any) and level of “fanciness” in general I would be forever grateful!

  5. Elaine says:

    It’s amazing how the use of white wedding gowns has spread so widely. I read somewhere that it traces back only as far as the wedding of Queen Victoria. Prior to that, women wore other colors as well, but it set a trend that has stayed to this day! Apparently in Japan, it is considered to be the color of death, so they resist the fashion more.

    I like how the groom’s attire fits so well with the bride in this case.

  6. Ab says:

    Weddings are expensive! I (a poor student) wouldn’t imagine spending 25 bucks on a meal!

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