Incense Burner

In many shopping malls or on the sidewalks outside of businesses, a very common sight here in Jeddah are the enormous incense burners that fill the air with smoky aromas.  Many people stop by the burning incense and fan the smoke towards themselves and then continue on their way.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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8 Responses to Incense Burner

  1. Hi Ab – Prayer time!!!!

    Hi HishMaj – Thanks. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see them wherever. They are just so “larger than life” to me!!!

  2. HishMaj says:

    But the sad news is that, in many of the new malls in Jeddah, we dont find them.

    nice pic though.

  3. Ab says:

    Thats so funny, how people smell them and then continue walking along.

    Why are all the shops closed?

  4. Hi Ilse –
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying the photos on my blog. I was in the states this past summer for a couple of months, and even though I have only been gone from there for one year, I could notice huge changes in the economy. Many stores, gas stations and restaurants had closed, and of course the housing market is so bad now. Also, I couldn’t get over the cost of groceries in the supermarket. Groceries in the states are literally at least four times what it costs here. And the produce here is so much tastier and fresher. So is the meat.

    I am trying to learn Arabic but like you said, it is a very difficult language. What has made it easier for me is that practically everybody speaks some English and wants to speak English, so learning the language hasn’t been as pressing as I thought it would be. But I still want to learn. I had learned some Arabic thirty years ago when I first met my husband, and I still remember that, so it helps. My son takes it in school and he tries to go over his lessons with me.

  5. Ilse says:

    Wow! I have just looked at your blog. Looking at all the old posts. Amazing. What an experience! Very interesting photos. I love the pristine gas stations. Here all the MOBIL stations have recently closed. Smaller, independent stations have stopped selling gas because they could not afford to buy the petrol shipments to fill the buried tanks when we were paying over $4.00 a gallon. Now these smaller, independent places do only repairs. I saw another amazing gas station on Tehran Daily Photo. I was wondering? Do you know Arabic? Are you learning? I heard it is very difficult.

  6. Hi Jill –
    Thanks for commenting.

    Hi to AD/UAE –
    I love them too. I would think you could find them all over there where you are, no? I see them everywhere here – all sizes and shapes. Some are really elegant and bejeweled.

  7. I love these…am looking for a little one for the house.

  8. jill says:

    Interesting Susie. It looks like a beautifully-made piece.

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