Islamic Artwork

Much of the artwork here in Saudi Arabia features verses from the Quran in beautiful Arabic script.  Since the Quran discourages the displaying portraits of people (or animals, for that matter) in the home, every home I have been in here has Quranic verses in a variety of different media, like metal, porcelain, or paintings.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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11 Responses to Islamic Artwork

  1. MI says:

    Salam. I love the art piece. I was wondering what Ayah is displayed here. I can make out “Bismillah” as the first line, “MashAllah” as the second to last, and “sadaqulauladeem” as the last line. I can’t seem to figure out the middle lines. Help please!

  2. Ayesha says:

    Salaams everyone,

    *Susie of Arabia* I was just wondering what medium you chose to portray your piece; as I myself am a silk ‘artist’ and took inspiration from your wonderfull piece – never thought of letting the ink run naturally like yours?!

    MaashAllah….keep it up!!


    • Hi Queen Ayesha – I didn’t do this piece. It is actually a piece of artwork in a relative’s home and it’s a print, so I’m not sure what the original artwork medium was. It’s one of the most colorful pieces of Islamic art I have seen here though – and I love it.

  3. Hi Aafke!
    It DOES kinda look 70s, doesn’t it? In person, it’s even more beautiful.

  4. Aafke says:

    I love this ”seventies” take on calligraphy! I’ve never seen anything like it!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Abe and Sally – Thanks! There is really so much exquisite Qu’ranic artwork here, but much of it is under glass and it’s hard to get decent photos without some kind of reflection. I’m going to keep trying!

  6. Sally says:

    I agree it is very lovely….quite exotic to a western-trained eye.

  7. It is beautifully done.

  8. Thanks, Ab, for researching that for me! None of the homes I have visited here display any artwork featuring “something/someone that has a soul.” Maybe it is just here in Saudi Arabia – they seem to have their own guidelines for many things here!

  9. Ab says:

    Yeah..I read more on this topic (of not displaying artwork), and I learned that drawings and photos that are not meant for worship are allowed in Islam (

    “there is nothing wrong in drawing as long as the images do not depict nudity or other indecent representations.”

    But Wahabbi Saudis might be different.

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