Islamic Doll

With Barbie dolls banned in Saudi Arabia because Barbie does not live up to the high moral standards here in the Kingdom, Islamic dolls are available for parents to purchase for their young impressionable daughters to play with.   Dressed very modestly in a long sleeved ankle length dress and hijab (head covering), the culturally correct Fulla doll is one of the hottest selling toys in the Middle East.   Designed to be in the image of traditional conservative Muslim women, the Fulla doll is the antithesis of that popular Western favorite, the Barbie doll.  The Fulla doll also has long black hair underneath her hijab, and she also has blue eyes, which is really not that common among real women in this part of the Arab world.  Some dolls even come with their own mini prayer rug.  Many parents feel that this doll might encourage their daughters to be more receptive to wearing the hijab when the time comes.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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21 Responses to Islamic Doll

  1. is the largest seller of Islamic dols with over 750 different dollls in the world.we also have the most choices of Islamic doll handmade clothes with hijab with over 200 different outfits.we are also a charity site so by shopping here you not only get great gifts you help Muslims in need the world over.we have over 2,700 products.

  2. fatima says:

    Islam is a religion of love. Allah created us in a pefcect way so
    pleas stop with being afraid of your one body. Islam is not about rules it is about wat is in your heart. im feel so said that a lot af muslims forget about that….

  3. fatima says:

    Pleas stop with being afraid of your one beautiful body,s.
    Allah created you in a perfect way it is a agins him to hide it !

  4. elizabeth says:

    Modesty is beautiful. We wear clothes for a good purpose. For warmth and modesty. Too many young girls are more concerned about their body image when they should be more concerned about the beauty that lies within. In my opinion, this inner beauty is what matters most. Anyone can make themselves look different on the outside, but the heart inside is where the real treasure is. I totally support teaching young girls to be modest and confident about standing out in a positive way.

  5. My Muslim website has over fifty different fulla products and i also carry over 400 Islamic dolls and Islamic doll clothes made by hand. I also carry over 350 learning arabic and Islamic books,and hundreds of Eid and Islamic decorations and electronic toys,games,puzzles and much more.over 1700 products mostly for children but about five hundred products for men,women and the new Muslim take a look.I have added many new products.

  6. jillmegan says:

    I’m always looking for ways to promote Western culture. I strongly feel woman should not cover themself in public the world should see every woman the way she was meant to be seen. As a European woman who has traveled to America I was actually shocked to see how conservative the USA is. America should promote all forms of nudity because the nude human is actually art in motion. You should not promte these kinds of dolls all girls should play with the elgant and pretty barbie dolls. Please stop hurting your daughters by making them follow very strict rules of clothing let them swim and sun bath nude let your men and woman enjoy nude beaches and swim togther in the nude as we enjoy in Holland, France, switzerland, Denmark, and as they do in Japan, and South Korea Stop old ways of life and enjoy a modern world.

    • JillMegan – I don’t feel I am promoting this doll. I am merely reporting on its existence here in Saudi Arabia. I also have published photos of trash and such here, but I am certainly not promoting it. What you are proposing – such as swimming nude – is totally against the religion and the culture of Saudi Arabia. It will never happen.

      • Renee says:

        JILLMEGAN, REALLY????Please stop hurting your daughters by making them follow very strict rules of clothing let them swim and sun bath nude let your men and woman enjoy nude beaches and swim togther in the nude WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?????

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  9. it comes in many different styles,i have fulla dentist,fulla teacher,walking fulla,singing fulla,fulla with hijab and abaya,morning prayer fulla,night prayer fulla,6 different modest style fullas,little sister Nour and little brother Bader and website is and i am the second largest seller of fulla dolls.i have over twenty different fulla dolls and also fulla backpack,fulla diary,fulla lunch tote,fulla four piece prayer set for girls,and arrosa Islamic dolls,and leen reciting the alfatiha doll,jameelah and norah dolls and over 70 different styles of Islamic dress handmade five pc outfits clothes with hijab and modest dress,or hijab and abaya,or prayer outfits complete with matching prayer beads.take a look,you won’t be disappointed.

  10. dina little says:

    I hate the scanty clothes on Barbie, except the bathing suites are ok if they are bathing barbie…but many of the dresses are just out-landish. No decent woman would were them.

    I think it serves the progressive agenda that’s trying to ruin America to keep women sexy and stupid.
    If a woman is so obsessed with her looks and attracting men, she can’t be a good wife or mother. Too bad many fall for it.

    I personally do not buy Barbies except 2nd hand, and then I make them clothes. I would buy a Fulla.(though I would replace the prayer rug with rosary beads..LOL)

  11. i sell fulla and arrosa and other Islamic dolls and i think it is an appropriate alteranative for muslim girls so that they can identify and be comfortable in their own

  12. apikale says:

    Okay, speaking as a born-and-bred American, I have to admit Fulla probably IS a better alternative to Barbie. Why isn’t she more available here? I mean, it’s true that Americans are less likely to be interested in the Muslim values, but what about the universal stuff? How Fulla respects her family (does Barbie even HAVE parents? She has sisters, but you know they exist only to sell more dolls)? Or how she might be seen as a doctor or a teacher (constructive roles, which although present in Barbie are greatly dilluted by the more-popular, materialistic movie-star-pop-singer-fashion-diva-type roles)? And you know, little girls quite frankly don’t need to be bombarded with the image of Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend, when it’ll probably be at least a decade before they are old enough to date. Fulla’s clothes really aren’t frumpy, either… she has some really pretty, brightly-colored outfits that are perfectly fashionable. Really, I see the merit in teaching little girls that they don’t have to be uber-sexy and reveal everything to be beautiful inside and out.

    • I totally agree with you – and this doll should be marketed as an alternative to Barbie in the states. I think a lot of parents are ready to bring back modesty.

  13. Hi All ! I think I read somewhere that this doll’s figure is a bit more realistic than Barbie’s obviously liposuctioned, breast enhanced, nipped and tucked physique!

    Hi Aafke! I didn’t notice that it said “Susie” on the box above the photo I took until I got home and was reviewing the photos. I am dying to see what she looks like!!!

    Hi Sally! I guess she can wear whatever she wants at home, but I would think she still dresses somewhat modestly, especially if there are any little brothers around!!!

  14. jill says:

    I have never in all my 60+ years met any female (well maybe a couple) that looked like Barbie. A very unrealistic role model indeed. “Beauty is only skin-deep” is met with “yeah, right Mom.”

  15. Sally says:

    But surely, at home, among her dolly friends she can wear what she wants????

    I bet there’s no male Ken counterpart!

  16. Eki says:

    It’s sold and popular here too.

  17. Aafke says:

    hahaha, like the Fulla, what kind if figure does she have underneath? As exaggerated as a barbie?

    Whats up with the box of ”Susie *6 assortment* ” on top of the doll’s box?
    I’d much rather have a ”Susie”!!!!!!!!!!!!

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