Gold Jewelry Shop

An interesting  way to attract customers Рhuge images of fancy gold jewelry on the outside wall of the building.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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5 Responses to Gold Jewelry Shop

  1. Hi Willie! If you wear a business suit, that is fine and should not be offensive to anyone. And like HishMaj said, almost everything is cheaper here. I did buy a camera here and I didn’t feel, however, that it was any cheaper than if I had bought it in the states. You will likely have to go to the company’s dealership, like Canon, etc., to make a specific purchase.

    Hi HishMaj! Thanks for helping me out with Willie’s questions. I’m not really sure if this photo is of Le Mall. I still don’t know all my malls here yet!!!

  2. HishMaj says:

    Is that Le’ Mall?
    gosh! I really miss jeddah and saudi arabia!!!

    Willie, first of all, welcome to the kingdom and good to hear that you are already liking the country even before you landed. i believe camera and lenses are cheaper than Europe and US(i dnt know where you are frm). most of the things, even branded clothes and jewelleries are comparatively cheaper in the kingdom.

  3. Willie NGumi says:

    Hi Sussie!

    Interesting insights into KSA. I will be travelling there end of October and was wondering if Photographic equipment (Lenses, and Canon SLR) would be relatively affordable. I dress in suits most of the time. Will this be offensive?

    Thanks for sparing time to read this.

  4. Hi Elaine! You are so right! LOL! Every time we drive by this large store, I am glad I’m not driving because it always grabs my attention.

  5. Elaine says:

    I suppose it allows window shopping from the safety and privacy of your car. But then, it might lead to the electronic billboard problem…

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