A Couple of Beachgoers

A Couple of Beachgoers

This couple watches swimmers enjoying the refreshing waters of the Red Sea at a resort north of Jeddah.  He’s relaxing by wiggling his toes in the warm sand, ankles and forearms exposed.  She stands behind him watching swimmers, who are men and children only.  She is fully covered from head to toe in black, wearing the black cloak (abaya), the head scarf (hijab), and the veil (niqaab).  Makes me hot just looking at her… sigh.   (#2 in a series of 5)


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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10 Responses to Beachgoers

  1. Hi Alajnabiya – I have actually seen a few women here dressed in other colors than black, but I feel that tends to call attention to themselves, something I would prefer not to do here.

    Hi Jill – Me too – and I really miss it. Although I have been able to swim at private beaches here and a swimming pool belonging to my sister-in-law. I have swum in my clothes before and I absolutely hated it.

  2. jill says:

    I grew up swimming and love to swim whenever I can.

  3. Alajnabiya says:

    Black fabric can be thinner and more open weave without being see-through. If you wanted to wear a white abaya, it would have to be a heavier fabric.

  4. Hi Angie! I think the man looks a bit more comfortable than the woman!

    Hi IslamicArticles – You are absolutely right about what the sign says. Going into the water dressed in the full abaya and the hijab covering my hair just sounds so retrictive to me…

    Hi Marahm – I wonder that myself. I wonder what she is thinking and how happy she is.

    Hi Sharon – I have asked this question many times. I’ve been told that Mohammed had said that the best color for women to wear is black, and that the best color for men to wear is white, so that’s why this is basically a black and white society. In this severe heat here, it just makes no sense to me that women wear black.
    Another idea about why women wear black is because it is worn over regular clothing and other colors might be too light or too revealing. Black provides full coverage.

    Hi UmmAdam – Thanks for helping out! Yes, the black does hide the dirt pretty well. The neck collars of my husband’s thobes are terrible to try to keep white!

  5. Ahh…very good point. Thank you ummadam!

  6. ummadam says:

    white would make life for moms a little more dirty! my husband has a hard time keeping his thobe clean. most saudi men carry spare thobes in their cars. black doesn’t hide ice cream stains too good, but it would definitely show in white:)

  7. I have often wondered why these garbs are black. Wouldn’t white make life little more comfortable?

  8. Marahm says:

    I wonder whether she’d love to strip off all those covers and feel the sun and the ocean water on her skin.

  9. islamicarticles says:

    Don’t think an abayah, hijab and niqab would stop me from wading in the ocean…I would do it! The sign says no swimsuits allowed not no women allowed hehehe.

  10. angie says:

    oh, that looks so nice and relaxing!

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