Men at the Beach


Men at the beach

While the sign on the post under the lovely thatch beach umbrella forbids women to swim in swimsuits, men are allowed to swim bare chested in swim trunks.   Please, TRY to overlook the hairy backs, the hairy arms, the love handles, and the muffin tops and bellies hanging over the trunks, and just see this photo for what it is:  men able to enjoy themselves at the beach in Saudi Arabia.  (#4 in a series of 5)

About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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8 Responses to Men at the Beach

  1. islamicarticles says:

    Ha! No man can see how much junk I have under my trunk. I like what Susan said. I once told my husband, I can see women AND men but you can only see men.

  2. 2sweetnsaxy says:

    I can understand why women are covered up but it seems kind of sad that women can’t enjoy the same pleasures and must endure the heat while en can cool off in ways women can’t.

  3. Hi Sally! I just find it really ironic that it’s ok for men to appear in public as they do, but the women are forced to dress like nuns. Many women here though, even if they had the choice, would choose to continue dressing as they do. They are brought up this way and would feel uncomfortable exposing more of themselves.

    Hi Tara! LOL!!! So I guess the thawb serves the same purpose as the abaya!

    Hi Susan! Yes, you are right. I believe that the abaya and the veil do give women here the feeling of power,e ven though the West may not see it that way. Good point.

    Hi Babooshka! I find it very amusing myself!!!

    Hi Umm Ibrahim! “Sexy Hunks at the Beach” was the title for the post that I had originally labeled it!!! But I didn’t want to be so obvious in my satire.

  4. Umm Ibrahim says:

    Wow, what a sexy lot they are! Love handles! ROFL 😆

  5. babooshka says:

    our description of the mene made me laugh. Also a avery British seen too, but with goosebumps and no sun.

  6. Susan says:

    They’re so cute! I guess a person could flip the psychology and as women sit there on the beach in the abaya, they could be “observing” the men, rather than the other way around.

    Could be kind of empowering … eh? Thoughts could abound

  7. islamicarticles says:

    Those thawbs hide alot eh? Lol! Tara Umm Omar

  8. Sally says:

    Hairy backa nd hairy arms and love handles don;t worry me at all – in fact the human body doesn’t worrry me at all – which is the antithesis of Saudi culture! (I made a comment about Islamic swimsuits on your first beach pic, by the way).

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