Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

This is a chain of coffee shops here in Jeddah.  They are in the shape of a coffee cup turned on its side.  Most of the business these shops do is drive thru, as shown by the car on the right.  These shops also offer pastries and croissants.  The bright orange color and unique shape of the building is definitely an eye catcher.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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15 Responses to Coffee Break

  1. Yasir H says:

    Bon cafe is rubbish! They do the worst coffee in the entire world; I would honestly rather have molten cheese poured in my ears than drink coffee from there again!

  2. susan says:

    whoops the other post dropped – must have been the links. It was about trying the yogurt from Seven Stars Farms, that has cream on the top. It’s very good. We get it here at Whole Foods and other health food stores

    Aramco magazine has an article in this past issue about yogurt, very good article.

  3. Susan says:

    Although, they do add a bit more sugar to the yogurt here than need be. I’ve noticed this over the years.

  4. Susan says:

    You should try the yogurt from Seven Stars Farms. It has the cream on the top and the yogurt …. mmmmmmmmm yummy

    Whole Foods carries it and most health markets.

    Not too long ago the magazine Saudi Aramco did a story on the smooth lovely:

  5. Krystal says:

    You mean to tell me that Saudi Arabian women don’t count calories like American women to gain a slim,trim figure and then go through tremendous work and not to mention that, they as well ,put a lot of effort into staying on target and be disciplined, to maintain it?And American women do it to stay healthy,active and fit.I love American women and admire them so much.Can’t you tell?No one tops American women,they are the opposite of Icelandic women.

    By the way what is the yogurt like in Saudi Arabia?I could live on Greek yogurt it is so,so good.Is it close to Greek yogurt in creaminess,purity and taste?Dannon with all the fat in it is close second.What is your favorite yogurt by the way? I only like it plain and I thoroughly enjoy it and take my time eating it,that is one of my secrets to staying slim,and eat with a teaspoon too.

  6. Hi DrunkenBlogger! The Arabic word for coffee is gahwa and it is not at all like American coffee that I am used to. It is mostly made from cardomom and a little pinch of coffee. I still have not yet acquired the taste for it, but it is offered in everyone’s home, and it might be considered rude to turn it down. The regular coffee I have tasted here is exactly like in the US. However I must say that many foods here DO taste better than in America. The fresh produce seems to have more taste, burgers taste better, and the yogurt here is amazing. Aside from the produce, the flavors of food might be better here because they are not all that health conscience like the US has become, so maybe there is full fat in the food served here. Just guessing.

  7. JM says:

    Very cool! I really like the design.

  8. Does coffee taste the same everywhere? I heard that America has some of the worst coffee there is and that unless we’ve been out of the country we’ve really never tasted a pomegranate.

  9. Hi Krystal – They serve regular coffee plus all the capacchinos, mochachinos, etc. They actually have quite a few choices for such a small coffee house. There are chains of tiny drive up coffee houses such as this every couple of blocks – they are everywhere. Which kinda surprises me because the Arabs usually drink tea in the home. We also have Starbucks and Barneys, Crispy Creme, Dunkin Donuts, etc.
    I’m not sure if they serve Arabic coffee. I have had it before and, to my taste, it needs lots of sugar!
    And sorry, but I can’t really say which is the best coffee shop here – but of the ones I have tasted myself, they are ALL good!!!

  10. Krystal says:

    I like the style of this coffee shop.What kind of coffee is served there?Do you know? Is Arabic coffee served very sweet?Are there many varieties of coffee available in Jeddah like in America?

    And one more question. What is best coffee shop in Jeddah?

  11. Susan says:

    Right! pull the car up to the parking spot, flip thru the menu and place your order in the speaker box … it was an event when our father would take us there.

    2 hours? wow, yours was more of an event.

    I cracked up when Mike Meyers used “Bob” in Austin Powers … actually I laughed a lot during that movie.

  12. Hi Elaine – I remember the Golden Arches myself!!!

    Hi Susan – I used to LOVE eating at Bob’s Big Boy! We lived in a small town and when we would make the 2 hour drive to the big city, it would be a treat for us to eat at Bob’s Big Boy! I think there may still be a few left.

  13. Susan says:

    I remember when those golden arches first opened in our area, we hopped in the flivver and off we went — twas very exciting. No eating inside yet, (no sep. spaces for men and women) you walked up to the window and ordered, taking it back to the car. How about Bob’s Big Boy?

  14. Elaine says:

    It is a clever motif! Since it looks like McDonald’s will never go away, I wouldn’t mind if they returned the Golden Arches to the architecture. Yes, I’m that old.

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