Street Vendor

Using an obviously handmade cart with bicycle tires, this street vendor offers fresh melons and tomatoes for sale.  One can see many vendors such as this all over the city.  I doubt that sitting out in the warm sun like this is the best thing for his products!


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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6 Responses to Street Vendor

  1. Susan says:

    I understand there are desalinization plants there.

    This story from MENAFN:

    And another from Arab News:

    Other nearby countries have industries in both fruits and vegatables, similar to our importing fruits and veggies from South America – from whence we also import flowers.

    MENAFN – Middle East and North Africa News – is a terrific resource to keep abreast of the progress, setbacks, and trends the region is making.

    There too was a story addressing a recent topic about women working. The article focused on the upcoming tourism industry and noted that both men and women would be equally regarded in working capacities.

    Seems to me, Saudi Arabia – and the region – is making real strides, not to necessarily conform (coming up to someone else’s standards) but to chart their own course, within faith and secular schools of thought – “Oh Hanzalah” (a hadith) – gleaning “well and wisely” and with a standard of inclusionary concensus, becoming ever more inclusionary as advancements are made.

    It’s a work in progess … and progress is being made.

    While there’s often a great amount of “nannering” from we the armchair authorities, I think there’s going to be a “see I told you” when it comes to that area, and other areas too.

    There’s something somewhat pleasing about people seeing a subject with “low expectations” rather writing them off, and then that subject “hitting it out of the ballpark” as everyone’s jaw drops in disbelief – who da’thunk it?

    We sometimes need to remember that while the history of the region is very, very old, with a deep culture, as an official “country” Saudi Arabia is very young – I think it was 1932 or so. Geological findings began to place them in the spotlight, they wanted to improve their lot and their country – who wouldn’t – and there were those eager to help them do that.

    We all want to improve ourselves … sometimes it comes too fast and we make mistakes. So then we have to step back, take things a bit more slowly, find out “who we are” in relationship to ourselves, others, our communties and even to the world … we educate ourselves, “actualize” ourselves place the foundation – even if you have to start over, and build again with care and consideration. We put the horse in front of the cart rather the other way around. Or we shut the barn door after the horse has bolted.

    I think Saud Arabia is making real strides – and through the help of others, we too in America are beginning to put the horse in front of the cart.

  2. JM says:

    The cart looks amazing! Handmade for sure! 🙂

  3. Hi Elaine and Susan – Yes, I would think that some type of jury-rigged canopy might help. Once the produce is picked, it should probably be refrigerated as soon as possible and I just think that sitting out in the hot sun – and it is VERY hot – might not be the best way to preserve the produce.

    Hi Ilse – I know that there is lots of farming north of Jeddah in the Taif region. It is much cooler there and in the mountains. Water is a problem here – it always seems to be in short supply.

  4. Ilse says:

    Melons? Where do they come from? Melons need a lot of water to grow. That’s an interesting topic. What’s the water situation there? We always imagine Arabia to be a country of desert. In America water was a seemingly limitless resource until recently & we have been very wasteful. Is water something which is seen as precious there? Are there restrictions?

  5. Susan says:

    Didn’t the produce grow under this same sun? And he doesn’t have much product there on the cart really, it’ll probably sell in no time. You do what you have to do …

  6. Elaine says:

    It seems like a canopy would be simple enough to rig up. But if every penny counts, then I guess you do what you have to do.

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