Sign for Makkah

Watch out ahead!

Watch out ahead!

I snapped this photo as we were buzzing by in the car.  It points out an exit for the road to Makkah (or Mecca), and warns drivers to be on the lookout for bicyclists, horse drawn vehicles, motorcyclists, and pedestrians along the road.  The sign also indicates that the speed limit is 5 in the lower right corner.   Makkah receives millions of visitors every year as Muslims make the pilgrimage (called Hajj or Omra) to the holy city.  Most visitors arrive by bus or car, but I guess enough make the trip by these other forms of transportation to warrant this sign!


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5 Responses to Sign for Makkah

  1. Gerald says:

    I thought the “5” sign meant – look out for “golf-balls”!

  2. Thanks, HishMaj and Ab –
    For pointing out the error in my text. The blame lies totally with my husband, as I asked him what it meant and that’s what he told me!!! Since he is the only driver in the family and reads Arabic, I thought he would know, but apparently not!!!

    Hi DC – Glad you liked it.

  3. Very cool sign! Seems to have covered every conceivable mode of transportation to Mecca. My favorite is the horse-drawn cart.

  4. Ab says:


    If it was 5 kilometers per hour, it would say:
    ٥ كم

    It actually says:
    ٥ م

    So it is the height allowance 🙂

  5. HishMaj says:

    errr….sorry to point it out, there is a small mistake in the description.

    5m refers to the maximum height allowance of vehicles as 5 meters. it does not mean speed limit is 5.


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