Skywatch: Elegant Wedding Hall

This beautiful building is available for special events, mostly weddings.  There are dozens of such places around Jeddah.  The newer ones are magnificent, elegant and enormous.  Inside there are many ballrooms with glittering chandeliers, stages, marble restrooms, and chambers where the bridal party can get ready for the big event.  Men and women do not attend weddings together here in Saudi Arabia.  There are separate events for men, and separate events for women.  Mixing of the sexes socially is not allowed. 

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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27 Responses to Skywatch: Elegant Wedding Hall

  1. maria says:

    is this building near RIHAB STREET and PISJ-ES

  2. ali adnan says:

    i am intrested in visiting this place, for my project research, can you please tell me the name of this wedding hall

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  4. sara ali says:

    Plz tell us How much does it cost for one day ? For a wedding function , its urgent , plz reply on my email address.

    THank u

    Sara Ali

  5. Farah says:


    I am looking around for cosy and elegant wedding halls in jeddah and i live in ohio, usa so its very very hard for me. i just searched this picture out and it lead me to you.. could you give me some info regarding this place. i would so much appreciate it.. or if you know other wedding places in jeddah.. i would be very greatful!

    thank you.

    farah ali

  6. Mario says:

    impressive sky, nice building, good shot!

  7. patricia says:

    what a beautiful building! Love the sky too…
    Happy Skywatch!

  8. moazam4dc says:

    very nice shot susie, I guess you are using good professional equipment to shoot. Some of you would like to see my work too, simply click on my name to see what do I have..

  9. Mckay K says:

    Very pretty shot and interesting information. Thank you!

  10. My son thinks it looks very wierd. I think it is interesting.

  11. Ilse says:

    Do the bride & the groom get married separately as well?

  12. Erin says:

    like the building against the blue sky…
    thanks for sharing
    have a great weekend.

  13. Varjoyrtti says:

    I liked your photo. It´s so beautiful. Greetings from Finland!

  14. What a beautiful building, and sky! I can imagine that people would love to be married in a place so beautiful.

  15. Gemma says:

    What a grand building against a serene sky!

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  17. Elaine says:

    The domes are especially appealing.

  18. Müge says:

    Elegant oriental architecture under a beautiful blue sky. I like the contrast between the colours of the building and sky.

    Have a very nice Friday and week-end dear Susie,

  19. babooshka says:

    A very different gorgeous blue sky skywatch.

  20. Awang says:

    Very beautiful building.
    I guess Jeddah City is busy now due to Haj season.
    Have a nice day.

  21. Tabib says:

    Great picture and nice blue sky.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend!

  22. FickleMinded says:

    It’s very elegant indeed!
    It’s my first time to see a real picture of Jeddah (aside from books and mags),thanks for sharing.
    SWF#3:Mt. Rushmore

  23. Very unique building. Looks great with the blue sky behind. Well done

    Regina In Pictures

  24. Darla says:

    Interesting building, that sky is beautiful with the puffy white clouds.

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