Crazy About Neon

Crazy about neon
Crazy about neon

Jeddah is a city that seems to be crazy about neon lights.  Aside from business names spelled out in neon in both Arabic and English, many buildings are decorated with and outlined in these colored glowing lights in every color of the rainbow.  Even residential buildings sport bright neon lights.   It’s quite difficult for me to get a good capture on film since I am always whizzing by in a car, and the purple and blue colors usually don’t show up very well in the photos. 


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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4 Responses to Crazy About Neon

  1. Hi Elaine – There is just so much neon here, it’s amazing. Some of the buildings here resemble lit up birthday cakes to me – with entire buildings outlined in a variety of colored neon.

    HI DC – You can actually see some Arabic calligraphy in this photo, but like I said in my post, the night shots are really difficult for me to obtain. I’m not out that often at night for one thing, and when I am, we are traveling in a speeding car, and you KNOW how blurry those shots usually come out!!! I will keep trying though!

    Hi AbuDhabi/UAE – Thanks! I would LOVE to come and see you!! I’ll work on it!

  2. Lovely shot, Susie. When are you coming to the UAE for a visit?

  3. Great photo! Hope we get to see more like this. I’d love to see Arabic calligraphy in neon.

  4. Elaine says:

    Until I found your blog, I had no idea this was typical of modern Arabia. Over here in California, neon is admired for its nostalgic look of half a century ago. I like it when it is done well.

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