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Scene in Madinah

The open plaza between two hotels bordering The Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah is busy with activity as vendors set up shop in the middle of the area. The regular shops on the right are still closed for the prayers. Women … Continue reading

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My World: Dallah Fountain

Some of Jeddah’s most beautiful and striking works of art were created by the Spanish artist Julio Lafuente.  This bronze and granite creation is called the Dallah Fountain.   It consists of a couple dozen Arabian coffee pots mounted on granite stands and … Continue reading

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Boys Just Like to Have Fun

I apologize for the terrible quality of this picture, but as usual we were zooming by in a car and I’m lucky I got what I did! These four young men (a couple are wearing the traditional dress of white … Continue reading

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Battlefield of Mount Uhud

When we were in Madinah recently, I got excited when it was decided that we would be going to “the mountain.” I had visions of a picnic, lots of tall shady trees and fresh air. Well, that’s not exactly what … Continue reading

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The Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah

The awesome Prophet’s Mosque of Madinah is truly a beautiful house of worship, inside and out. It houses the tomb of the Prophet Mohammed himself and is built on the exact spot that Mohammed personally selected. Originally built on this … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Oil Tanks

Jeddah is the largest seaport in Saudi Arabia.  Within the country, oil is transported to these enormous oil holding tanks in Jeddah, awaiting shipment to various places around the world.  There are dozens of these gleaming silver storage tanks visible … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from Saudi Arabia: Camel in Natural Habitat

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM SAUDI ARABIA! I thought I would post today about something that most people think of when they picture this country: the camel.  I shot this camel from a moving car.  Wait!  Let me re-phrase that:  I shot this PHOTO … Continue reading

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Pilgrimmage thru Mountain Layers

Most of the vehicles on this highway are traveling from Madinah to Makkah/Mecca and are carrying religious pilgrims who are fulfilling the Islamic once in a lifetime requirement of all able bodied Muslims – to perform Hajj. The Hajj happens … Continue reading

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My World: Segregated Elevators

Ok, I realize that posting photos of elevator doors is really not very exciting, but these are the first segregated elevators that I have ever seen in my life, so I thought you might find it interesting too. In Saudi … Continue reading

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Jet Ski on the Red Sea

Two jet skiers have just returned from an outing on the Red Sea. Jeddah’s winter weather is quite moderate, lending itself to the enjoyment of water sports year round. Unfortunately most women do not participate in such fun – full … Continue reading

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