The Tailor

Tailor's Wall Mural


This is an outside wall mural of a tailor shop here in Jeddah which specializes in custom thobes, the traditional long white dress that Saudi men wear.  Although this image is obviously very old, the business itself (below) looks very modern and minimalist, as well as classy, crisp and clean.  Perhaps the man in the image was the founding father of the business and the mural is a tribute to him.   This wall mural is quite large as you can see in the photo below and is located on the corner of a very busy intersection for all to see.   I love the integration of the very old with the very new which typifies Jeddah. 
The Tailor

About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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8 Responses to The Tailor

  1. Aafke says:

    Thats a funny shop-name! 😀

  2. Ilse says:

    Really great photos these last few days. The table. The mosque. The Circles. The Lion King. Love ’em all. Totally excellent! Thank you.

  3. Hi Fishing Guy – Thanks so much! In the Saudi dialect of Arabic, “My Grandma” is said as “Sitti.” Perhaps “Sittu” is another dialect. It’s awfully close! Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Sara – Welcome to my blog! Glad you are enjoying the photos. I’ll check yours out too. Thanks.

  4. Sara says:

    Nice to find here!
    I am Sara.An Iranian Muslim girl.I have been in saudi arabia 3 times (last time:3month ago for Haj) and I have many memorable days in Jeddah when I was just 11.
    I will be happy if you visit my Mashhad Photo Blog.
    Greetings from Mashhad-Iran 😉

  5. Fishing Guy says:

    Susie: I love your capture of the tailor shop and read your post with much interest. It is so much fun to see views from around the world.
    My grandmother was a Susan also and we refered to her as Sittu. I’m sure you would know if the spelling is correct.

  6. Hi Marahm – You may have a point there – it is quite likely that the founder of this business did spend some time in the US. My hubby tells me that the term “white collar” is not used here to decscribe a professional man.

    Hi Elaine – I read the article you mentioned. Even the big name designers have gotten in on the action in the making of thobes and the head dresses. Where there’s money to be made, they’ll be there!

  7. Elaine says:

    That’s a beautiful storefront! There was a feature story, I think in the New York Times, about the up and coming designers of clothing for Muslim women.

  8. Marahm says:

    This is a classy photo, showing the thoughtfulness with which the proprietor constructed it. The photo, plus the expression “white collar” makes me wonder whether the founder spent time in the United States.

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