Fresh Meats

Fresh Meats
Fresh Meats

The old downtown section of Jeddah is home to the city’s oldest souk called Bab Makkah.  You can buy just about anything you might want here.  This shot shows a small sidewalk meat market where you can buy lamb or cow liver, tongue, heart, kidneys, hooves, testicles, etc.  These meats are sitting out in the open unrefrigerated, and this shot was taken at about midnight in the middle of the week, and the entire place was hopping with activity.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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10 Responses to Fresh Meats

  1. try to get past the sight and your thoughts of the food.I came to Norway afer living in the USA as a teenager.I met my husband and for the first time had roasted sheeps head.His father was eating the eye and offered me the tounge(Spelling?) I had to work at it.But the cheeks are wonderfull.Salted pig hoves are wonderfull.Make a good liverworst of the liver.Have fun and enjoy!

  2. Hi Elaine – I have had aged beef (in America) and it was pretty tasty. I’m not sure about trying it this way!

    Hi Ilse – I have no earthly idea! Maybe they make soup or something out of them.

    Hi Torsdag – Believe me, this is a very different way of selling this type of thing for me too. I have a sensitive stomach and I could never dare try some of the stuff here even though I like to consider myself adventurous as far as food goes!

  3. Hi Alette – Every time I have been down to this market, they always have this type of stuff available – night or day. We’ve just never really bought any!

    Hi PearlS – Liver is about the only thing I would eat and even then, it’s not something I like all the time… My hubby and son will try just about anything though!

    Hi Marahm – I really didn’t see cats hanging around the butcher shops – maybe they keep them occupied with old throw offs out in the back! I did see cats around other shops though…

  4. animal hoves you eat the meat on them

  5. torsdag says:

    that is very different from our restricted way of selling fresch gibs. I would like to visit all this smal markets to find some special things for cooking.
    Hallo from Germany

  6. Ilse says:

    Now what exactly does one do with hooves? Are middle class people who drive SUV’s actually doing something with animal hooves?

  7. Elaine says:

    They say the organ meat is the first to turn on you. On the other hand, “aged beef” was long considered the very best! Natural tenderization, I think.

  8. Marahm says:

    Where are the cats? Surely, cats were hanging around, waiting for a morsel.

  9. pearls says:

    I’ll pass on the livers.

  10. But if you come in the morning you can pick the pieces you want.?I am tired of the frozen meat we get ,this picture looks like candy store just ready to dig in and make fantastic food.Enjoy!

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