Outside the Mosque

Outside the Mosque

Outside the Mosque

Businesses thrive right outside most mosques here in Saudi Arabia.  Vendors set up shop in the parking lots right outside the mosques, selling footwear and all kinds of clothing.  This photo was taken just before one of the prayer times as many men are on their way into the mosque on the right to pray.   The vendors will just leave their wares there and go inside to pray with everyone else, returning after the prayer is over and hope for some sales.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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4 Responses to Outside the Mosque

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  2. Hi Lynn and Abid! Thanks for commenting. I would really have a problem if the vendors were allowed to set up shop INSIDE the mosques!!

  3. Abid says:

    Did you know why they sell outside the mosque and not inside?

    A hadith from the Prophet says:
    32 The Messenger of Allāh prohibited the reciting of poems in the mosque and *selling and buying in it* and that people should sit in circles in the mosque on Friday before prayers. (Tirmidhi)

  4. lynn says:

    Fascinating to see. As you have said before, nobody steals the wares! Wow.

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