Battlefield of Mount Uhud

When we were in Madinah recently, I got excited when it was decided that we would be going to “the mountain.” I had visions of a picnic, lots of tall shady trees and fresh air. Well, that’s not exactly what I got. The “mountain” would be labeled in MY book more under the “hill” category. Mount Uhud turned out to be the site of a famous Islamic battle which took place in the year 625 between a small force of Muslims from Madinah and a much larger force of non-believers from Mecca. This historic mountain is located just north of Madinah. It’s an easy walk up the hill, which was defended mightily by the smaller army of arrow shooting warriors from Madinah. The surviving Meccans retreated, and the victorious followers of Mohammed disobeyed his command to not leave their posts on top of the hill, where they could see for miles in every direction. Instead they hastily descended the hill, some say, to greedily confiscate the spoils of their short lived victory. The Meccans seized the opportunity and returned, much to the surprise of the Muslims, and managed to turn their embarrassing loss into a victory.
At the base of the mountain is the burial site of some 70 fallen Muslim fighters, including Mohammed’s uncle, Hamza. The graves are unmarked which is typical of Islamic burial sites but it has been preserved by the construction of a large fence around it. Below is a view of the burial site taken from atop Mount Uhud.

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6 Responses to Battlefield of Mount Uhud

  1. thanks for all who have this good nature for publishing to the people who have not seen before or they can remember or they can realize what was happened in our islaam
    when the islam was constucted ,,,those days deffinitly each & every muslim brothers must
    knows and fulfilled it and they study our history of islamic war…
    our islaam deen was stood because of our aakka e karim do jahaam ke maalik ke pyare
    habeeb aakka e do jahham madeene ke taaj dare rassole paak sallallahu aliaihiwasallam aapke hai sab kuch or kuch bi nahi hai…
    yaa allah yaa rasulallah s.a.

    aapke oyare hamdard

  2. Fishing Guy says:

    Susie: That is a neat look at the mountain and a history of the area.

  3. Hi Washaw, Sharon, and UmmAdam –
    Thanks for your comments and for stopping by my blog! Happy New Year!

  4. You’ve given us another bit of history! Thank you very much. Great photos. I know what you mean about the “mountain”. I would have been thinking the same thing.

  5. washaw says:

    Great blog writeup and I love the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

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