Can You See It?

This is a test of how observant you are. Notice anything unusual?
Ok, maybe a little closer look and a different angle.
These photos were taken in a parking lot for some kind of either hotel type place or an extended stay quarters where security is important. Many residential compounds where foreign workers are housed provide high level security, including guards equipped with machine guns. My son’s school even has three checkpoints to get in and armed guards at every point. I don’t know that seeing this type of thing makes me feel any more secure though.  Honestly, it’s a bit unsettling.


About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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5 Responses to Can You See It?

  1. I do have to admit that is a bit unsettling to me to. I remember way back in 1985 when I took my very first trip to Europe. I landed in Germany and got off the plane and immediately noticed policemen guarding the airport and carrying machine guns. I remember that beind quite a shock to me.

  2. sirius says:

    Actually I found the UAE safer by far than any big city in the US.
    However, I am moving shortly to near Jeddah and I realize it is going to be a very different experience. I read your recent blog in Adventure woman
    about being bored. I have never been bored anywhere so your comments
    interested me a lot. Your photos are great. I am happily sitting here
    near Seattle looking out my window at snowy Mt. Rainier and fog. But
    remembering the smell of incense, spices and jasmine and waking to
    sunrise in the empty quarter and all the wonderful people who tried
    not to laugh at me when I spoke Arabic (and who were amazed when I wrote in Arabic for them!) enshallaah we will meet in Jeddah. Thanks for your story.

  3. Judy says:

    Very frightening. Take care, Susie.

  4. Expatguru says:

    Sadly, it just shows the state of environment which we live in. By the way, you should consider yourself lucky getting away after taking this snap, without being shot 🙂

  5. Marahm says:

    Of course it’s unsettling! It’s like driving through neighborhoods with those “neighborhood watch ” signs in the window. You know immediately that you’re in a high crime area.

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