MyWorld: Small Funky Mosques

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic Kingdom with more mosques than possibly any other place on earth.  In previous posts I have highlighted some very typical mosques, as well as the enormous and spectacular Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah.  Today I will show you some tiny and funky little mosques around Jeddah that I have managed to capture.

dscf0703-1-copyThe itsy bitsy mosque above is barely noticeable between two larger buildings.  The minaret stands on what seems like a tiny balcony above an entry door.  We had actually driven by this obviously old mosque many times and never ever noticed it before, until one day when we happened to be stopped in traffic and my husband was astonished to see it.  So far, this one takes the prize as “the number one funkiest little mosque” I have seen here in Saudi Arabia to date.


The free standing “no frills mosque” above is located in a large industrial area and is obviously used by laborers who work in the area.  It is quite a small building and doesn’t really have a minaret, just the long skinny pole which is topped with the crescent moon and also is equipped with a loud speaker for the calls to prayer.  Notice the large water tank to the left of the main entrance, used for drinking or for washing up before prayers. 


Tucked tightly away nestled between a gas station, a business strip center, and a large residential building behind, you really have to look hard to see this “hidden mosque” in the photo above.  It’s the white building with 2 small windows and a large shadow across the wall.  Look even harder and you can see the very top crescent moon symbol atop the minaret.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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20 Responses to MyWorld: Small Funky Mosques

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  3. Clara says:

    I especially like the first mosque. It’s so tiny! I appreciate this opportunity for a glimpse into such a different world. Thanks!

  4. chrome3d says:

    Those were some funny little places! You can see them in unexpected places.

  5. Arija says:

    I saw some lovely mosques on Oman, but nothing to equal this little one.

  6. Antigoni says:

    Great photos and post!

  7. SandyCarlson says:

    Good use made of some tight and unusual space!

  8. Susan says:

    That first pic is pretty cute, the little mosque all snuggled in …

  9. Glennis says:

    I always find your post interesting, this time too.

  10. Guy D says:

    Thanks alot for the tour, those are great shots of an amazing place.

    Regina In Pictures</a

  11. Larry D says:

    Very interesting, nice work.

  12. mountain.mama says:

    That first funky little mosque is my favorite. Who knew?

  13. Geogypsy says:

    Funky little mosques. I so enjoy following your adventures.

  14. babooshka says:

    Not sure if should say a mosque is cute but it is. Constantly amazed by your work you do under the secrecy. We could all learn a lot from you.

  15. Marahm says:

    These are great photos. There are more of those little mosques than big ones. Many of them have tiny women’s areas, at least they did in Riyadh twenty years ago. I miss them!

  16. TR says:

    I love coming here and seeing your part of the world. That little mosque is amazing.

  17. This post is wonderful. I’ve always imagined mosques to be BIG buildings so this is an eye opener for sure!

  18. washaw says:

    Very cute tucked away like that. I totally understand the need for one close kind of like finding a grocery store on every block in Japan. Great post!!

  19. Fishing Guy says:

    Hi Susie: Those were some neat shots of the tiny mosques, thanks for sharing.

  20. ewok1993 says:

    What fun time you seem to be having. And thanks for sharing with us your funky discoveries. Share away!

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