Large Spindle Piece: Henry Moore Sculpture

This abstract bronze sculpture by Henry Moore is called “Large Spindle Piece.” I think it deserves a more creative name than this, so I am asking you all to come up with some possible alternative names for it that have a bit more pizzazz. I read about this piece and it said that in some ways, “it is related to the “Helmet Heads” of the 1950s, which explore the theme of protection and intrusion.” The British sculptor was inspired as a youth by Michelangelo. Jeddah’s Corniche along the Red Sea boasts four abstract bronze works by Moore which are all prominent in the city’s large open air art museum.


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11 Responses to Large Spindle Piece: Henry Moore Sculpture

  1. Abdulkader says:

    It is also called the pigeon. It gives you the image of two pigeon heads looking at opposite directions, with the opening as the eyes and the sharp pointing element as the peak.

  2. Mary says:

    “Pointed Thoughts” “Sharper Minds” “Sharper Image”

  3. Marahm says:

    Once I perceived the erotic implications of this shape, I could hardly think of it in any other way. Perhaps another photo, from a different angle, would be more suggestive of a more generic title!

    The “tooth” idea works well for the upper shape, but that pencil point needs to be addressed!

  4. susan says:

    Or how about the “Open Mind”

    The top part of the “tooth” in the front is the forehead, the pointy part the nose . . .

  5. Laurie says:

    I want to call it “Sharp Soft Sex”. Thank you !

  6. Geogypsy says:

    I’d call it “Shot thru the Heart”
    Thanks for another great piece of your local sculpture.

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  8. washaw says:

    You got my vote too!

  9. babooshka says:

    I know his work well. It looks like a pencil in a body. “Tortured Torso” then.
    I have just promoted you blog on my facebook group and voted for your other one o the blog awards. Best of luck.

  10. Ok, Soni – I can see the tooth there. Not bad!

  11. Soni says:

    I would call it “A Bullet Through Cavity,” perhaps because it is reminiscent of tooth (?)

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