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Angawi House: Carved Door & Pool

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the home of a well known expert on traditional Islamic architecture and social activist, Dr. Sami Angawi. He spent more than ten years building this place, which is partially open to the public, … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Dome and Tilework

This magnificent colorful illustration of Eastern art shows the beautiful elaborate design of a portico at the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Jeddah. This theme is carried throughout the exterior of the grounds and it is stunning. … Continue reading

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Intercontinental Hotel Lobby

The Intercontinental Hotel in Jeddah is located on the Corniche with rooms offering gorgeous views of the Red Sea. This lovely tiled fountain sits in the middle of the hotel lobby surrounded by many sturdy columns topped with decorative palm … Continue reading

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Wedding Favor: Clove Box

Most wedding favors, if they even make it home, wind up in the trash or given to the maids here. They are usually not appreciated or wanted, generally serve no practical purpose, and might be considered mere dust collectors. A … Continue reading

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My World: Camel Herder

This is a camel herder who lives out in the desert. He wears the long white traditional dress men wear here, called a thobe, plus a scarf on his head to help protect him from the hot sun. When the … Continue reading

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Spices and Grains

The oldest souk in Jeddah is called Bab Makkah, which means door or gate to Makkah. It is a crowded busy market that extends for blocks in every direction. Business is conducted there, it seems, in much the same manner … Continue reading

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King Fahd Fountain

The King Fahd Fountain is the world’s tallest fountain reaching a maximum height of 312m (1023ft). It was fashioned after the fountain in Lake Geneva, however King Fahd felt the scale was insufficient for his liking and insisted on making … Continue reading

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The Seagull Sculpture

At 55 meters high, The Seagull stands erect as one of the world’s tallest abstract sculptures. The most important work created by Egyptian artist Mustafa Senbel for the City of Jeddah, this towering work of art took three years to … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Stop Light

I guess this could be almost anywhere in the world, except for the sign with Arabic writing in the bottom right corner. I’m not out and about that often at sunset since it is one of the five daily prayer … Continue reading

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Pigeon Roost

On the outskirts of Jeddah I have seen several structures similar to this one. They are pigeon roosts and built on private property to attract pigeons. They lay their eggs in these roosts and then the property owner can go … Continue reading

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