Intercontinental Hotel Lobby

The Intercontinental Hotel in Jeddah is located on the Corniche with rooms offering gorgeous views of the Red Sea. This lovely tiled fountain sits in the middle of the hotel lobby surrounded by many sturdy columns topped with decorative palm fronds. The hotel has beautiful meeting facilities and a lovely dining room with separate mens and womens areas.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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9 Responses to Intercontinental Hotel Lobby

  1. sonny castro says:

    I love this place. I work here for morethan 4 years im thier artist .I know everybodies here specially the general manager he is a good boss of everybody with good heart .wish them all good life..

  2. Yoli says:

    Oh this is just breath taking.

  3. Lovely…don’t suppose there’s a good bar in there? 😉

  4. Bill B. says:

    Do you ever get used to the separate part of your society?

  5. ladyfi says:

    Oh – that’s gorgeous. Very soothing.

  6. Geogypsy says:

    It’s a nice fountain, seems a little tame.
    Yes, it is difficult to understand the seperation of sexes. Are marriages all pre-arranged? Or does everybody meet at the mall?

  7. babooshka says:

    Amazing ostenatious lobby and again so strange to envisage these seperate areas for the sexes. I just find your world so fascinating

  8. Jacob says:

    They certainly know how to do things well there. I just can’t deal with the separate sections for men and women, though.

  9. washaw says:

    Nice looking entrance, love the fountain.

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