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My World: The Hungry Horses Sculpture

Islam forbids idolatry in any form. In Saudi Arabia, there are no statues of human beings or creatures at all, however body parts are permitted. At the same time, you can see ads and billboards all over the place featuring … Continue reading

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Palace Gate

This beautiful gate is the only thing standing between me and the palace inside. The walls are so tall and surround such a large piece of property that no sign of the palace is visible from the outside. Above the … Continue reading

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Mosque Reflections

This was taken from a hotel (Movenpick) restaurant (The Waves) which is built out into the Red Sea. We had dinner at the open outdoor patio restaurant, and the gentle waves of the Red Sea were literally within inches of … Continue reading

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Almost Paradise

This is a private beach on a family compound in the Obhur area north of Jeddah. There are several villas for each sibling and their families, plus one for the parents. The walkway leading out to the gazebo actually divides … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Minaret Silhouette at Sunset

What more needs to be said? To fly MORE friendly skies around the world, visit SKYWATCH.

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I’ve been trying to get a decent shot of this unusual looking building for months now, and this is my best effort so far. Keep in mind, we are always zooming by in a speeding car because it’s practically impossible … Continue reading

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Inkwell, Pen and Paper Sculpture

Abdulhalim Radwi was the first artist chosen by Jeddah’s Mayor Mohammed Said Farsi to produce works of art for the city’s massive beautification project, which began in the 1960s. Born in the Holy City of Makkah, but later a proud … Continue reading

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My World: Floating Mosque

This is called the Floating Mosque and it is located right on the Red Sea in Jeddah, in the midst of many beautiful sculptures that are located there along the Corniche. When it is high tide, this mosque appears to … Continue reading

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The Traveller’s Post

This artistic column was made from scrap metal and was created by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. The world renowned artist was commissioned to make several works of art for the city of Jeddah. His works can be seen in places … Continue reading

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Alterations in Space Sculpture

When I first saw this bold bronze sculpture highlighted by the gorgeous backdrop of the beautiful Red Sea, I immediately assumed that the artist who created this modern art piece must have been Henry Moore, who was responsible for creating … Continue reading

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