Unity is Strength Sculpture

Paul Speld is the artist who created this solid veined white marble sculpture which sits in the Al-Hamra Open Air Museum of Jeddah. It is quite large and bulky and must weigh several tons. I think it looks striking against the blue sky.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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10 Responses to Unity is Strength Sculpture

  1. TOM says:

    Photo is beautifully angled. Please note that the correct name of this sculptor is not Paul Speld but Pol Spilliaert: http://users.telenet.be/pol.spilliaert/
    It is a pity the artworks on the Jeddah Corniche do not have title/name plates…

    • Thanks for the information, Tom. Finding out information here about the sculptures is extremely difficult. There has been a restoration project going on for the past couple of years though. Many of the works of art have been repaired, refurbished, and replaced t new locations – and they are supposed to be adding a plate to each with information about its origins.

  2. JM says:

    This is gorgeous! I really like and think it’s a kind of ‘arabian Botero’! 🙂

  3. gogouci says:

    Amazing how an artist’s mind can transform such an immense piece of the earth. Great pic.

  4. babooshka says:

    It’s juts one after another. For on the one hand closed and inhibited place the artwork to be on show is so strange.

  5. This is an excellent capture. Very sculptural. I also enjoyed you mosque photo. Just beautiful. Also, I am glad the woman let you photograph her with her glasses. Very disturbing to hear that people try to improperly take photos of woman and then blackmail them. Ugghh! Nice commentary and I always enjoy following your site and learning. Happy Photo Blogging!

  6. Geogypsy says:

    I get a feeling of feminine strength in the curves and layers of the soft marble. So striking against that saturated sky. Outstanding capture Susie!

    I think you should go riding with Adam. Can’t you wear pants and a face scarf together so as not to affend anyone?

    BTW, when are you coming to visit the desert?

  7. Guy D says:

    Very cool photo of a very unique sculpture, hope your having a great weekend.

    Regina In Pictures

  8. Jacob says:

    It is very striking. I wonder what the artist was trying to say. You have so many amazing (and huge!) artistic creations in your country!

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