Pretty Villa Gate

Ok, I admit it – I have a thing for gates and doors. They are one of my favorite things in the world to paint (I do watercolors). I loved the rich color of the wall, the curvy shapes above the gate, the detail in the opaque area, and the strong columns on each side. I also like the wood with the painted black panels and the contrast it provides with the walls and its lighter trim. Some villas here in Jeddah occupy areas of entire city blocks, and sometimes even more. Villas are all surrounded by big solid walls to provide privacy for the villa’s occupants. This allows the women to be able to go outside, sans abaya, if they would like. However from what I have seen, women here, for the most part, shun being out in the sun anyway. Spending time outside is one of my biggest challenges about living here. We live in an apartment building with no outdoor area where we can hang out. And honestly, it is too warm for me to go out just to take a walk, wearing the black abaya and having my neck and hair covered up. It’s cooler down on the Corniche by the Red Sea, but my husband hates to drive here so he doesn’t take me very often. I would love to live in a villa instead because I would love to have the freedom to spend more time outside. (sigh…)


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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8 Responses to Pretty Villa Gate

  1. blue says:

    too bad your husband doesn’t enjoy spending time outdoors in jeddah, every one i know spends most of their day outside…i know it’s hot here but we do plan so we would take maximum advantage of the cooler times like after fajr prayer or after 5 pm. and since i’m a saudi woman i can speak for most of the saudi women i know, we love the outdoors! we spend a lot of time tanning as well..either at private beach houses or private pools in villas…those who have pools invite those who don’t and we make weekly and monthly scheduled gatherings all year round. even mixed families (men and women) enjoy weekends or at least an annual outdoor gathering…who ever wants to wear the hijab goes right ahead, those who don’t don’t…but if bikinis are involved we do try to provide at least some private time so the women can swim and tan all they want (the only two activities they can’t or prefer not to do while men are around since they can jetski and fish…etc with some clothes on)i guess some families are more strict or conservative than this but i’ve found out that sometimes the segrigation is not for religious or cultural reasons and it’s more of: there’s this in-law we don’t really like or trust…there’s this cousin who’s a womanizer, too many teenage boys and fewer teeange girls, we don’t want any “problems”…etc stuff like that

  2. I really like doors and gates also. I like the color and detail in your photo.

  3. This is a very beautiful gate that makes me wonder what treasures are behind it. Perhaps a pool and a shady patio?

  4. Dina says:

    A poignant post, Susie.
    It makes me think of the ancient term “gan na’ool” which means a secret, enclosed garden. But literally, it means a locked garden.

  5. Guy D says:

    Wow that is a unique gate, I love this shot.

    Regina In Pictures

  6. Geogypsy says:

    What a stately looking gate and wall. I’d like to see more of these.

    Aren’t you worth a villa Susie?

  7. fiziskandarZ says:

    my very 1st time here. came acrss this blog from other links.. whoaa.. great writing πŸ™‚ and nice pictures too.. never been to jeddah myself to ur blog is definitely had a lot of information! keep on writing πŸ™‚

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