Alterations in Space Sculpture

When I first saw this bold bronze sculpture highlighted by the gorgeous backdrop of the beautiful Red Sea, I immediately assumed that the artist who created this modern art piece must have been Henry Moore, who was responsible for creating many similar-looking bronze sculptures here in Jeddah. But I was wrong. Alterations in Space was designed by a sculptor named Francois Kovacs, a Hungarian artist who lived most of his life in Belgium. To read an interesting story about how this blog helped to credit this artist with this creation, please click here.
Jeddah boasts a huge collection of modern art pieces which dot its landscape. It’s an interesting contrast in a country whose culture and manner of dress reflect its ancient history. You can see many people out for a stroll, enjoying the refreshing sea breezes – men mostly wearing the traditional long white dress called a thobe, and women wearing the abaya and covered in black from head to toe. Children can wear whatever they want.
Regarding the choices and placement of the modern art and other more traditional art around Jeddah, I read this passage from the book, Jeddah City of Art, which explained it:

On a long journey, a traveller needs to pause and rest, to gather strength for the next stage of his journey. Such is true also of life – a perpetual search for one’s own identity and purpose and goals. Thus the Municipality offered them – the citizen and the visitor – examples of beauty to have him pause and ponder.

Three other sculptures are visible on the left in this photo. In this area along Jeddah’s Corniche, dozens upon dozens of sculptures are on display for the general public to enjoy. The sun was setting low in the sky, and I loved the way it reflected and played off the bronze.


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5 Responses to Alterations in Space Sculpture

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  2. Geogypsy says:

    That bronze looks like it’s red hot and glowing. Great capture of yet another Jeddah sculpture.

    When do children have to change into the traditional garb?

  3. Guy D says:

    Great shot once again Susie, what a unique sculpture.

    Regina In Pictures

  4. Jacob says:

    Very striking, and the contrast you mentioned is so interesting. This appears to be a wonderful place for a late afternoon stroll. I think I can see additional sculptures in the distance.

    Nice shot with the light hitting the sculpture!

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