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Pretty Villa Gate

Ok, I admit it – I have a thing for gates and doors. They are one of my favorite things in the world to paint (I do watercolors). I loved the rich color of the wall, the curvy shapes above … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Palm Trees

This photo could have been taken almost anywhere, but it was taken in the middle of the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. These palm trees rise above the cityscape and allowed for a photo that could make one believe it … Continue reading

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Aircraft Sculpture

It has been said that Jeddah has enough aircraft monuments to fill a small aviation museum. This particular sculpture is of an actual twin-engined aircraft, which is painted a cheerful yellow and whose plinth is painted a sky blue. Among … Continue reading

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The Supplication Sculpture

Many of the sculptures in Jeddah have recurrent themes. Religion and the Islamic culture is probably one of the most dominant themes reflected in the city’s public art. Many of the monuments are based on Arabic calligraphy and highlight verses … Continue reading

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My World: Cosmos Sculpture

The Cosmos sculpture is one of the most well-known monuments in Jeddah, partly because it is located on a roundabout at one of the city’s busiest intersections and partly because of its enormous size. Constructed of steel and aluminum, Cosmos … Continue reading

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Trio Ranch

In Islam, teaching children to ride a horse is prescribed, as well as learning to swim and shooting a bow and arrow. There are several ranches around Jeddah where riding lessons are offered. Trio Ranch not only has stables, but … Continue reading

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Street Workers

A significant percentage of the Saudi workforce consists of cheap foreign labor from poorer countries in this part of the world, like Yemen, Sudan, or Pakistan. Many of them perform very menial jobs, like cleaning the streets and sidewalks – … Continue reading

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Crescent Moon Minaret Toppers

The crescent moon appears on the flags of many Muslim countries and is generally perceived as symbolic of Islam. The association began in 1453 when Constantinople was siezed by the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Their leader Osman decided to adopt Constantinople’s … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: The Island Mosque by the Sea

Here is another beautiful little mosque that sits right on the banks of the Red Sea in Jeddah along the Corniche.   Many Jeddans enjoy going to the Corniche boardwalk to enjoy the cool breezes from the sea, to picnic or … Continue reading

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Relaxing by the Red Sea

The Corniche, a boardwalk along the coast of the Red Sea in Jeddah that stretches for miles and miles, is a favorite gathering place for families, especially in the cooler winter months. Many come to picnic or barbecue; others come … Continue reading

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