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Portrait of a Mother

I’ve posted several photos of native baboons recently – I hoped you’re not getting bored with them! I got so many great shots on our trip to Taif, where baboons live in the mountains. The females, like many animal species, … Continue reading

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The Big Guy

This magnificent creature is the dominant male of a large family of baboons living in the mountains of Taif, Saudi Arabia. The baboon population in this farming area has increased steadily over the years, largely due to a plentiful food … Continue reading

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My World: Graffiti Backdrop

The amount of graffiti in Saudi Arabia is astronomical. You can take a drive to practically anywhere and see graffiti. Even in the less populated mountainous areas, graffiti has been added to the rocks and walls. Private villas are tattooed … Continue reading

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Just Shootin’ the Breeze

I happened to catch this slice of life recently in Taif. Several young men are sitting outside a business that is being renovated. These gentlemen might be the owners of the establishment, but they hire cheap foreign labor to do … Continue reading

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School Boys

These school boys are crossing a very busy street on their way home from school. Most boys schools require the boys to wear the traditional white dress, called thobe, as their uniform. The two boys in the center of the … Continue reading

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Blue Men Group

Saudi Arabia has its own version of the famous Blue Man Group. They are not musical performers, however, they are hard laborers. There are also Lilac Men, Yellow Men, and Orange Men too. Many of them have matching huge colored … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Mountain Cloud

This shot was taken on the road from Jeddah to Makkah. I thought it was interesting how the clouds seemed to mimic the shape of the mountains below. To fly MORE friendly skies around the world, visit SKYWATCH.

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What’s Left

This appears to be a lovely little mosque sitting on a hillside outside of Jeddah. But upon closer examination, you can see that part of the mosque was demolished and this is what remains. Perhaps a huge landslide claimed what’s … Continue reading

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Koran Gateway to Makkah

This large structure extends over eight lanes of traffic plus a wide center highway divider. It is in the shape of an enormous bookstand holding an open book which is the Koran. The large sides of the bookstand are filled … Continue reading

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My World: Caught in the Act! (Parental Advisory)

Betcha you’ve never seen anything like THIS before!!! Somebody needs to teach this young whippersnapper some manners! Or at least get him potty trained … This youthful baboon was one of dozens that we saw from our car in the … Continue reading

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