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Palm Tree Sculpture

This green Palm Tree Sculpture is on the eastern outskirts of Jeddah, on the road to Makkah. Sorry, I don’t have any data available about the sculpture, but you can see how tall it is in comparison to the trees … Continue reading

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Taif’s Le Meridien Hotel Lobby

Taif’s Le Meridien Hotel sits atop a mountain overlooking the city. It’s quite a beautiful hotel and offers accomodations ranging from single rooms to 3 bedroom villas, with regular rates ranging from 340 SR to 1360 SR (about $85 to … Continue reading

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Colorful Hookah Pipes

These colorful glass hookah water pipes sit in the window of a small shop that sells everything one needs to smoke “Hubbly Bubbly” at home, from the aromatic fruity flavored moist tobaccos, to the fancy velvet hoses and wooden mouthpieces. … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Desert Living

Many Bedouins still live in the desert lands of Saudi Arabia under the sky and the stars, although their numbers have dwindled significantly due to modernization, population growth, and other factors such as severe drought. On the drive from Jeddah … Continue reading

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Taif’s Bountiful Fruits Sculpture

Taif is a major farming community in Saudi Arabia, located about 100 km from Jeddah. The terrain is similar to Arizona, quite rocky and mountainous, with similar vegetation as well, even down to the prickly pear cactus. Taif can grow … Continue reading

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Traffic Stop

Take my word for it, this is a very unusual sight here in Saudi Arabia. The first few months I was here, I rarely even saw a police officer, and I certainly can count on one hand, the number of … Continue reading

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My World: Elderly Wisdom

I was so happy to catch this shot of an elderly man seemingly giving advice to a younger man who is listening intently. I love capturing these candid slices of Saudi life which are generally so elusive to me. Maybe … Continue reading

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Bowling Lanes in Jeddah

I had heard there was a bowling alley in Jeddah and was surprised when we drove past it recently. Many activities here in Saudi Arabia exclude women from participating, or they might have very limited hours/days when women and families … Continue reading

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Antique Phonograph

This is one of three antique phonograph players I spotted recently that were part of the decor at a restaurant in Jeddah. All three are in immaculate condition, which makes me wonder if they are actually replicas or the genuine … Continue reading

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Old World Charm

This is a seating area in a lovely restaurant in Jeddah. The ambience is warm, comfortable, and inviting. On the night we were there to eat dinner with a new friend, we ended up spending six hours enjoying our meal … Continue reading

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