These three young boys had a ball taking turns at the wheel of this ATV in a picnic area in the mountains of the resort town of Taif, Saudi Arabia. There were trails all over and many options available for kids in addition to the ATV rentals. Pony or camel rides and a playground were also nearby. Nearby restaurants also specialize in picnic fare take-out and also conveniently offer large mats to spread on the ground since there are no picnic tables.


About SusieOfArabia

American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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5 Responses to Wheeee!

  1. Dina says:

    No age limit?
    Great that you can buy a picnic lunch on the spot and even get a mat.

  2. Fishing Guy says:

    Susie: It does look like they are having a ball.

  3. Jerry M says:

    Any reason why there are no picnic tables?

  4. Brad says:

    Even if the craft is over crowded, those boys really do need helmets. I have seen atv crashes were the individuals were not wearing helmets.

  5. Jacob says:

    That sight could be seen almost anywhere in the southwestern part of the U.S. Looks like they’re having a lot of fun. And you captured it well!

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