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Arab satellite TV is full of female singers who look much like this one. Exaggerated makeup, bleached and teased hair, tight clothing. It’s too bad this is one of the “in really poor taste” influences that the Middle East has picked up from the West. By the way, none of these singers are Saudi women. They are all from other countries in the region, like Syria, Egypt, or Lebanon. Saudi women are not allowed to appear in public looking like this. Just recently Saudi religious clerics recommended that Saudi women should not appear on TV or in print either – EVER! To learn more about how Saudi Arabia severely limits women from taking a more active role in society and even in their own lives, please read a recent post I wrote on my other blog, Susie’s Big Adventure.


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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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23 Responses to Singer on TV

  1. Amazonbaby says:

    Arab women wear lots of make up, big jewelry, big hair styles and ornate clothing because mostly Arab men like it. And, if you have socialized with any Middle Eastern folks, you know how much they love perfume! I love it, too!!! I love Oud in my house, too.

  2. melay says:

    you watch eri-tv?

  3. desertwolf_2000 says:

    let your husbend help and explane to you were needed.

  4. blue says:

    the picture is of Eri TV which is from eritria in africa. i just wanted to inform you that saudi women do appear in the media all the time, some are wearing the head scarf (example: kalam nawaem talk show on MBC, a modified version of The View)and some don’t like in the Rotana network (especially khaleejiah), some MBC & LBC shows about Saudi or the Gulf region in particular. we also have saudi female singers (Aseel, wa’ad…etc)most of the heavy makeup is promoted by makeup artists in the region (mostly lebaneese)but some take it a bit too far. besides, it’s a world wide thing these days…heavy makeup on show business people!
    personally (i am a saudi woman from jeddah btw) i do not wear much make up, unless it’s a late night event like weddings and as long as it’s within what’s “sane” and “tasteful” if you know what i mean 😉

  5. Kalimaat says:

    I disagree with you that it is a Western import. Arabs tend to just overdo their makeup, whether its a singer, politician or a TV presenter. Less is more is not the trend yet but A class singers do not have such a tacky makeup.

  6. Lara says:

    The lady featured in the image above is Eritrean -Eri TV is an Eritrean network; I think you should have used a image of an Arab artist, since this lady is not Arab but east African(not of Arab decent)

    Side note- Helen Paulos the artist featured above does not represent the majority of 0.1% of female artist in Eritrea interms of bad taste and the cartoonish make up. Helen may b tacky but does not take away from the fact that she can sing.

    Sort of like Dolly Parton, Lucile Ball, Christina Agulera

    • Hi Lara – Thanks for clarifying the artist and where she is from. Like I said in my post, she is very typical of the female singers that are on satellite TV here. I was just showing how the hideous makeup worn by some in the West has found its way over here.

  7. Bill B. says:

    I read with great interest the response of the Saudi woman on your other site. It certainly causes me to think and rethink my opinions of the place of women in that part of the world. I can see her points clearly. I just have problems with the extremism of groups like the Taliban and their treatment of women. Then again, extremism in all it’s forms are not godly;in my opinion.

  8. Jerry M says:

    I wonder if the exaggerated appearance is a fault of a singer not understanding the makeup that works on stage isn’t appropriate for television closeups?

  9. Jerry M says:

    I doubt that the costume and appearance of any female singer in the West would be acceptable to Saudis.

  10. Kalimaat says:

    There is one female Saudi singer, her name is Waad and she now lives in Lebanon. She is the sister of Rania Baz ex husband (the tv presenter who was severely beaten by her husband and published the pictures). Waad is natural and beautiful. I have never seen that female singer before, there are too many of them these days, they release one song and dissapear.

    • There are so many Middle Eastern women singers and many of them look like this one – very fake, overly made-up, and lacking fashion sense – very much like many Western songstresses. There are a few that I think are pretty and have class, but not enough on either side of the globe.

  11. Geogypsy says:

    So many contradictions. Do they monitor blogs?

    • Yes, they do. Many websites, including some blogs, are blocked from access here. There has been at least one blogger that I know of who was thrown in jail last year and held for 4 months without charges. Freedom to criticize the government and its policies is a freedom that Americans have, not Saudis.

  12. Jacob says:

    Clergy seem to have a need to keep women down. I suppose it’s all a power game.

    And so sad.

  13. Brad says:

    Since you are a westerner, how are you treated? If you think SA treats women so bad, why are you there?

    • Hi Brad – I feel that I have been treated very warmly for the most part, especially by my husband’s family. I am here in the KSA because my husband is Saudi and he wanted to return to his homeland after 30 years of living in the USA. I am here because I love my husband, plain and simple. I once told him that I would follow him to the ends of the earth – and he took that literally! lol

  14. janice says:

    WOW! I’m amazed at the quality of the photo.

    Did you captured this from your home TV?

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