Compound Living

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The safety of foreigners here in Saudi Arabia has been a priority since the American Consulate in Jeddah was attacked several years ago. Residential compounds, where many foreign workers are housed, especially have tightened security measures. Armed guards, security check points, 24 hour surveillance cameras, long driveways for entering vehicles that are like obstacle courses, and thick sturdy walls topped with barbed wire are some of the measures in place at many of the various compounds. Most of the guards wear military looking khaki green or tan or even camouflaged uniforms and many posts are equipped with machine guns.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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15 Responses to Compound Living

  1. sheila harris says:

    Hello all if anyone is around to read this my son is in this city and he wants to live on a compound but they say you have to know someone..can u help us..please leave message thank you

    • Sheila – From what I understand, there is a waiting list for most of the compounds in Jeddah. He might try to go through his employer for assistance. They might have more pull.

  2. Graeme Hill says:

    Re – my previous comment – according to a picture on Google maps it is Al-Ghadeet St – the flat I lived in is in the picture. The road may also be blocked off because a member of the royal family lives in the palace opposite and the whole block is owned by Binzager.

  3. Graeme Hill says:

    Hi Susie. I spent 3 years in Jeddah in the early nineties so I love these photos. This one in particular – can you remember where it was taken ? It looks suspiciously like the corner of Al-Ghadeer St and Madinah Road going North [Binzagr compound basically].

    Can you remember where this was taken ?

    • Hi Graeme – Sorry but I really can’t tell you where specifically I took this photo. Not driving combined with the difficult street names makes it really hard for me to know where I am! And I don’t know the names of all the compounds – I’ve only been inside three of them.

  4. Fahmieda says:

    Hi there…..I live the security is not like it looks at all!!! theres no barbed wire anymore..and there is no army fact the security guards look like teenagers and are asleep half the time..:)

    • There are still many compounds that have tight security in place. My son attends an international school with a residential compound right there and there is very tight security, barbed wire, and guard stations with machine guns.

  5. Sally says:

    Lovely view!
    Sorry I haven’t been around much lately – life’s busy!

  6. Grami says:

    You could have been in trouble yourself if the guards caught you taking this picture. I once heard a story long time ago that two guys were shot dead because they lost control of their car and veered off into a compound. I agree with what Jerry M says, it IS depressing indeed.

  7. Jerry M says:

    A very depressing shot.

  8. janice says:

    It looks like a prison…….

  9. Dina says:

    That’s pretty serious security! Hope it works.

  10. Brad says:

    Looks more like a prison.

  11. Jacob says:

    Oh boy! Doesn’t look like much fun. I’m sure the accommodations are very nice, but this place sure gives the appearance of a prison.

  12. Gaelyn says:

    I guess I’d feel safe with all that, if I could stop shaking in my boots.

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