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Mall’s Three Levels

This is part of the beautiful Red Sea Mall in Jeddah. There is an open lounge area below with a tiled in section that has those fountains that shoot water up from the floor. This is near the food court, … Continue reading

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A Lot Going On: Busy Street Scene

Madinah Road runs north and south for many miles through the city of Jeddah.  There is construction everywhere in the city, and you can see two buildings going up on either side of the street.  The big arch with the … Continue reading

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Thai Thai Restaurant

This is the entrance to a family restaurant in Jeddah called Thai Thai, which of course serves Thai cuisine. And right next door is another restaurant that serves Lebanese cuisine called Jeddah Jeddah. There are two separate entrances and dining … Continue reading

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My World: Gas Station Mosques (400th Post!)

Today’s post is a celebration of sorts: my 400th post! There are literally mosques everywhere here in Saudi Arabia. In the cities, every few blocks you will find a mosque. Out in the country in less unpopulated areas, every few … Continue reading

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Baboon Harem

Surrounded by three of his many wives, this silvery colored male baboon appears to really enjoy his position in life! If you look closely, you can see that each of the wives has a baby baboon clinging to her bosom. … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia surprisingly has a large number of very poor people, mostly foreigners who came to the KSA to perform the religious pilgrimage to Makkah and never went back to their poor home countries, hoping for a better life here. … Continue reading

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Lonely Vendor

This photo gives you an idea of what happens in the middle of the day in Saudi Arabia when it’s prayer time. Muslims are required in Islam to pray at five specific times of the day. All stores are compelled … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: The Vase

This sculpture of a larger than life vase is not found on the roundabouts of Jeddah, but on a center traffic island in the city of Taif, which is about 100 km from Jeddah.   Hopefully you can get an idea of … Continue reading

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Old Town Dwelling

Al-Balad is the oldest district of Jeddah. This is where tourists come to see the architecture of the old historical buildings and walk around the city’s colorful souks where they can buy everything from incense to handmade leather sandals to … Continue reading

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He Went That-a-Way!

I saw this guy in the traditional Saudi garb talking to a uniformed security officer in a mall. I just find scenes like this one interesting. Is the traditionally dressed guy a customer? An employee? What is he pointing at?

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