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MyWorld: Water Park

This is part of a water park for kids that is visible above the high wall from the outside on Sultan Street. Women and teenaged girls are of course not allowed to swim, but children and teenaged boys can swim … Continue reading

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Spic ‘n Span

The medical clinics and hospitals that I have visited here in Saudi Arabia have all been immaculately clean. Many of them are completely tiled on the walls as well as the floors. I have had very good experiences on the … Continue reading

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Fuddruckers in Arabic

Sometimes the well known chain restaurants or other businesses that are found here in Saudi Arabia might be surprising. Fuddruckers is one I didn’t expect for some reason. The Arabic script above the main entrance translates to Fuddruckers. I’m told … Continue reading

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Camel Blends In

I took this photo of a camel in Taif, Saudi Arabia. I was struck by how well he really seems to blend into the landscape, even with the blanket on his hump. This camel is rented out for rides that … Continue reading

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SkyWatch: Mosque Tops

Pretty clouds in the sky accentuate the two mosque toppers caught in this photo. The distinctive crescent moon and the visible loud speakers which broadcast the five daily calls to prayer are typical on many mosques here in the Kingdom. … Continue reading

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Shops at Night

This is just a typical scene of various shops at night here in Jeddah. Businesses are very well lit at night. Most businesses stay open pretty late because during the day shops must close during prayer times, which cuts into … Continue reading

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Out for a Walk

You don’t see many women out walking here in Jeddah, especially in the hotter summer months. For me it’s just too hot and stifling in the black abaya and head covering. I don’t know how the women do it with … Continue reading

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