Sculpture in Makkah

DSCF4154 1 copy
This is an interesting looking work of art that sits in the middle of a wide traffic island in the holy city of Makkah. Public artwork is widespread in Saudi Arabia. Some of it is religious in nature, some outlandish, some modern, or whimsical or educational, some nautical or heavenly or nature themed. The sweeping public art trend seemed to begin in Jeddah during the oil boom and expansion in the 1970s. Other cities in Saudi Arabia have followed suit, but I don’t believe they can compare to the sheer size and magnitude of the sculptures and fountains in Jeddah. For an art lover, Saudi Arabia has an abundance of amazing public artwork.

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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16 Responses to Sculpture in Makkah

  1. Grami says:

    Very beautiful! As someone mentioned earlier, these sculptures are indeed sort of public service.

    I know that place very well as I came across it everytime I enter the city of Makkah. The last of my visits has been long time ago and back then there were no decorations on the walls.

    Thanks susie!

  2. Lynn says:

    That was the answer to my question which was going to be,:How did you get that picture since you are not Muslim?

  3. I think it should also be noted that this photo was taken from inside the ‘Haram Boundary’ meaning the area is only to be accessed by muslims only.

  4. Jerry M says:

    Interesting shot. Is the decoration on the outer building painted or it is tile?

  5. Marahm says:

    This is a lovely sculpture. I noticed the prominence of public art way back in the eighties, when I occasionally visited Jeddah. We didn’t have such public art in Riyadh back then, and I was always surprised (and pleased!)to see it in Jeddah..

  6. Yoli says:

    That is absolutely beautiful.

  7. Bill B. says:

    And the works are so large as well.

  8. Dina says:

    The oil boom was in the 70s? Not so long ago. Did the country look a lot different before then?

  9. I like this. It’s very beautiful.

  10. Arija says:

    There are so many interesting sculptures in traffic islands and other public places in the Arab countries. I tink it is a very nice public service. We certainly enjoyed them in Oman, even out in the country on freeways.

  11. Hilda says:

    Whatever this one is supposed to be, I like the pattern on its arms. Looks huge.

  12. Jacob says:

    I think these sculptures give a place a certain character and add to its charm. This is especially pleasing…

  13. Gaelyn says:

    Oh boy, more awesome sculptures. I do love the idea of public art.

  14. ewok1993 says:

    How beautiful these sculptures are. I wouldn’t have known that had it not for your blog.

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