SkyWatch: Desalination Stacks

DSCF1517 1 copy
Water shortages are a common and severe problem here in Jeddah. With very little annual rainfall, Jeddah’s main water source is the salty water of the Red Sea. Sea water is processed and filtered through an enormous desalination project which removes the salt and various minerals from the water. Unfortunately it is quite an expensive undertaking and requires lots of energy. In oil rich Saudi Arabia, the desalination plants are “duel-purpose” facilities, which produce not only potable water but electric power as well, making the entire effort more cost effective. I read that Saudi Arabia accounts for some 30% of all the world’s total desalinated water, making it the largest producer of desalinated water worldwide. Saudi Arabia has several floating desalination plants located in several areas along the coast of the country with more on order to help ease the water shortage crisis.
The water lines that run through Jeddah don’t always have water in them. At times, our building has run out of water. When this happens, the building caretaker must arrange for a huge water truck to come and fill up the large cistern for the building. This happens more frequently in the hot summer months.
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20 Responses to SkyWatch: Desalination Stacks

  1. Fishing Guy says:

    Susie: What a neat shot of the sky at the smokestacks. I had a lot of trouble with visit this past week.

  2. Karen says:

    Those towers look quite dramatic against the blue sky…

    Great post, ful of interesting information, as always..

  3. Smokeyyy says:

    Those bloody chimneys are causing us a bloody lot of pollution in this city. Can’t think of a day without seeing the black smog those infernal chimneys cause for miles and miles on end! Blimey! If it were up to me I’d have them demolished and relocated far away even beyond Abhor and Thowal!

    • Hi Smokeyyy – I have to agree – they cause an enormous amount of pollution. Their location exposes probably the entire population of Jeddah to the nasty smoke on any given day. I grew up in a copper mining town with a big smelter and two huge stacks like this. I still remember the taste of that sulphur smoke we had to breathe in every day. It can’t have been healthy for us…

  4. lakshmi says:

    Interesting post..amazing how much we learn from every post

  5. Erin says:

    great post susie…enjoyed it very much and the photograph.
    have a lovely weekend.

  6. egitoebrasil says:

    ur blog is just great!!!!

  7. Arija says:

    Our government is building one to, so it is good to see what we are up for.

  8. Regina says:

    Very informative. Good shot and post.

  9. Eric says:

    Wow, is it realy smok or just a well composed cloud in the sky!!!

    Nice skywatch post!!

    Have a nice Skywatch Friday

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  10. Dina says:

    So that’s what they look like! Wow.
    This is really interesting information.
    We need more desalination plants and soon, but of course they are way behind schedule in the construction.
    Nice that your building has a cistern. I wish they would reopen the old ones in Jerusalem to collect and use rainwater in the winter.

  11. Well, neither of us was driving down the highway snapping pictures this week! Those towers look like a power plant!

  12. Yogi says:

    Very interesting post. I have read about the desalination plants now I’ve seen the smokestack of one.
    Here in the US I don’t know what would happen if we ran out of water.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. babooshka says:

    Water towers fascinate as we just have no call for them.It’s amother one of those things we take for granted here – water on tap. Great image for skywatch so different.

  14. Brad says:

    weird they are not producing enough for demand.

  15. Beautiful sky, and the caught of the smoke is awesome.
    Thanks for visiting Now and Then while I was out.
    Have a great weekend.

  16. ewok1993 says:

    They were talking about desalination here in the SF bay area too as we have our third year of almost no rain/drought conditions. I hope that happens too.

    My entry is here:

  17. Jerry M says:

    I knew about desalinatin but I assumed that water would always be available.

  18. Gaelyn says:

    I know water is always an issue in arid places. Could never understand grassy golf courses in AZ. But is the Red Seas really an endless supply? Glad it’s duel purpose. Yet running out of water is where you live is really scary. I suppose you keep backup bottled water around. Very interesting post Susie.

  19. Marvelous and informative post, as always, Susie! And a great shot of the towers against the sky!

    Have a lovely weekend!

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