Good and Crisby

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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6 Responses to Good and Crisby

  1. dev says:

    Try out the following site for learning Quranic Arabic

  2. Jerry M says:

    When Arabic words are translitterated in English, people often include all sorts of punctuation that has no meaning in English. So, instead of Koran (which reflects how English speakers will pronounce it) I see things like Qur’an, which is preposterous. Qu in English is kw. Kur an might be better. The apostrophes are just added junk.

  3. Fishing Guy says:

    Susie: Some of the throat sounds are something we never use in English.

  4. Gaelyn says:

    Languages are very individual. I can’t image trying to voice some sounds that I never learned as a child. Yet it is humorous to read mispelled English.

  5. KeenEye says:

    Tell me all about it! I can’t help but notice it all the time, on signboards and all: The Lieon King! ha ha; Vedio shop… ha ha; “Pleese shut Mopaiel”… ha ha ha; Turkey barber… ha ha ha ha ha, boofia (it means snackshop! cf buffet)… hwa ha ha ha; limousine (here it means taxi!), ha ha ha haa; dingar (instead of danger), Internet Nes-cofe shop (supposed to be “internet cafe”, what the heck’s Nescafe got to do with it?!), ho ho ha ha ha ha; “don’t racing me!”, ha ha! ha ha… oh, I’m going to do myself an injury! The list goes on so I guess you’ll just have to all pay a visit to this lovely city called Jedda to see the rarities first hand (excellent investment for the tourist industry *thumbs up*) and mind though to bring an inflatable boat or a canoe with you in case you come across one of those lovely “musk” scented streams which flow through the city… there’s dozens of those musk streams, just ask the locals. Toodaloo.

  6. Puça says:

    True! I started learning arabic last october and it’s very difficult for me to see the difference of the 3 J they have, the 2 S, the 2 K, at the beginning they all sound the same!! with time you can notice the difference…but it’s hard

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