My World: Al-Balad Architecture

DSCF3711 1 copy
This is a scene from the oldest part of Jeddah, called Al-Balad, which means “the town.” This section of Jeddah used to be completely walled in for protection against outsiders. Jeddah began its humble beginnings as a small fishing village on the Red Sea about 2500 years ago. Some of the buildings are crumbling but many are still standing and are used for thriving businesses and residences. Shoddy electrical wiring poses a safety threat to many of these old buildings as scores of them have been destroyed by electrical fires in the past few years. You can see dozens of wires strung about in this photo. The wooden window coverings are a distinct style of Al-Balad, providing privacy and air circulation for the building’s occupants. (Click on image to view enlargement in greater detail.)
Well, That’s My World for this week!
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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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15 Responses to My World: Al-Balad Architecture

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  2. erin says:

    a big hi susie.
    enjoyed your photograph and commentary…
    have a wonderful wednesday.

  3. Jerry M says:

    A very nice shot!

    A question. Is the surface some kind of tile or brick?

  4. Arija says:

    The wiring in some of those places is frightening… I have seen a lot of that in the more crowded villages in Oman as well.

  5. Bill B. says:

    Must not have building inspectors or codes to follow like here.

  6. You really do post the most interesting stories and photos on both your blogs Susie! I love coming to visit you!

  7. Carver says:

    It’s always so interesting to me seeing your world through your photographs and posts. Great post.

  8. Eleanor says:

    An interesting corner of the world. The window coverings give the buildings a unique look; but I would find it difficult not to have open windows. Your life in Jeddah sounds fascinating!

  9. ladyfi says:

    I love the colour and age of those wooden coverings!

  10. Dina says:

    Yep, that’s pretty private.
    Jeddah is already 2500 years?! I wonder when people first dared to build outside the walled city.

  11. Gaelyn says:

    All those wires look a little scary. I’m always amazed at how much English is on the signs.

  12. Jacob says:

    Fascinating. One wonders, though, why the electrical work isn’t updated if it poses that much of a threat…

  13. SandyCarlson says:

    I love the way you make this culture available to me. I wouldn’t know or understand Arabian culture if it weren’t for you.

  14. Guy D says:

    Hey Susie, thanks so much for once again letting us look at your world through your camera lense.

    Have a fantastic week
    Regina In Pictures

  15. Another fascinating look at your world, Susie! Great shot and really interesting information! I do enjoy learning more about your world each week! Thanks for sharing!

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