Pretty Blue Mall, But No Theater

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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6 Responses to Pretty Blue Mall, But No Theater

  1. Jerry M says:

    Do people actually believe you can prevent sin by censoring movies?

  2. Grami says:

    Arija! Your question suggests that you have never been to Saudi Arabia before. If only women can avoid the sun there then I really wish I am one.

  3. Arija says:

    I don’t like overt sex and violence in movies or anythin else either, but this segregation of the sexes and covering up f women can certainly go too far. I wonder how many women are vitaminD deficient because their skin never sees the sun?

  4. Mel says:

    I live within walking distance of a mall with those kinds of attractions (skating rink, amusement park, etc.). This pic made me think of it and I shuddered 😉

  5. amy says:

    If young people do not date there I am surmising arranged marriages are the norm?

  6. Jerry M says:

    What I find so amazing and appalling is not only the strict conservatism, but the almost absolute conformity in some areas. It makes the days of the man’s gray flannel suit look like a walk in the park.

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