Toys R Us in Arabic

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American woman now living in hubby's homeland of Saudi Arabia
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7 Responses to Toys R Us in Arabic

  1. Suzanne says:

    Does anyone know if they sell lego there?

  2. Maz Zaz says:

    they used to had all the Barbie dolls collection but they removed it from the shelfs after a ( fatwa ) sating that these dolls are ( H’arram ) whatsoever…
    sad though how toys R us quality declained since the 90s

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  4. Jerry M says:

    Does the Saudi store sell dolls or action figures (aka dolls for boys)?

    • I have seen lots of Barbie knock-offs for sale here. Many are Islamically dressed, but others are not. I don’t understand then why regular Barbies would be banned while similar looking dolls car okay to sell. They do sell action figures for boys here too.

  5. Souma says:

    What i really like seeing on signs is creative Arabic font. The Arabic alphabet is beautiful but is used in an unbelievably boring manner in this country.

    About Barbies, my mom used to get me Barbie dolls as a child, until one day i remember her walking into my room and telling me that she can’t get me Barbies anymore because they’re being removed from stores. I used to love those tiny shoes.

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